Funber Slumber Party

We stayed up almost all night long having a clothing swap and telling secrets at our slumber party at Rebecca's house. It was sort of like being thirteen but with way better stories!

The lovely Ryann in a vintage skirt I brought which looked so pretty on her; gotta love when old clothes get fine new homes!

Ashley tries on the 60s tennis dress:

Lesley is a vision in blue!

Cozy girls, Breanne and Ashley:

Mallory, wine, pajamas, OH MY!

Rebecca shows off her son Sylvan's Lego kitty. Poor Sylvan, he and his dad got home late and stayed in the other room due to the whole "no boys allowed" thing. And at one point he said, "Dad, all those girls out there are distracting me!" He was very excited to get to join up with the lady folk in the morn for breakfast at Cafe Bernardo and point out the mannequins in storefronts along the way (one of his endearing obsessions).

We finally fell asleep at 5:30 a.m, damn party animals.
I am blessed with the best friends a girl could ever want.
We have lots more fun girly stuff coming up...wait till you see what we have up our sleeves for later this week!


Amy Beatty said…
What the hey! This is the coolest party ever! I want to see more outfits and hear stories. I miss all the good stuff. So glad you blog about them for me! I love that skirt! I need to set up a girl party now. That Lego cat is so awesome!

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