Okay, I give in, I'll list them...resolutions for the new year

Because i am the sort of person that actually needs to write things down for the sake of remembering and consciously being aware...I will record my list of goals for this BEAUTIFUL NEW YEAR.

For 2010, I resolve to do the following to the best of my ability:

1. to not buy any *NEW* clothes this year. (thrifted and handmade are okay)
(i really want to try to consume less. i have realized that target is my nemesis. especially before valentine's day when everything is pink and red, cute and polka dotted. therefore it is safest to not venture near, and to instead purchase the necessaries at local shops like i should have been doing all along!)

2. to learn to play guitar and autoharp.
(i have been given the opportunity so many times by my sweet patient husband. i am a total loser when it comes to practicing. but i want to do it, the desire is there, so that i can write my own songs...so...got...to....force....myself.....ugh....practice....learn....be good....)

3.  to get off my duff sometimes. like, as often as possible. i'm not going to be all specific with requirements and thus jinx myself. (it can be fun stuff like hiking, swimming, riding bikes, playing hide and go seek, jumprope, hopscotch)

4.  to read at least a book a week. (i've gotten lazy post-grad school. maybe i should even make myself write papers about the books i read. i know, i'm a geek, but that is the sort of thing that actually kinda makes me sparkle inside.)

5.  to work hard on having baby. (hey, that's a fun one;) (think fertile thoughts for us please!)

6.  Decide what to do next, as far as big life things go, and take steps toward pursuing this. (whether it means getting a teaching job or applying for a PhD or moving to Missoula or sailing around the world, seriously MAKE IT START!)

7.  Be as loving, loveable, open minded, sweet, fun, intelligent and wise as I can possibly be. In other words, grow, always forever grow grow grow as a human being. This is the big one, the one that always flows under everything else, the one thing that means the most, cause YOU ONLY GET TO LIVE ONCE. and i want to make it the best possible life i can imagine!


Milla said…
these are awesome resolutions! (thinking fertile thoughts ;) May you be granted the blessings and grace to fullfil each.
boots said…
OMG!!!! i love you ! i didnt know you were trying to have a baby! i am thinking only the fertilest of thoughts for you! hehe
also i am adding the guitar one to my list, or piano?!?!
Amy Beatty said…
Loves these all Heather, I want to do them all with you. But are we really strong enough to not go to Target? I think we wont even miss it if we are shopping all the right places!!!;) All I wanted for Christmas was a wee one but its not in the cards so I will pass all my love and hope on you and Darin. Music, books and shaping up are on matts and mine list big time. We want to set time a side every night ( which means the kids really have to go to bed on time) so we can discover, improve and love. I really want matt to play more music, it breaks my heart that he never plays any more and at the same time I need to pull out my little keyboard. I'm also hoping matt was start working on his book again!! And lots of YOGA!! And to end with a better use of Family time-games,walks,books,forts in the house,baking, singing and loving every moment. that means less computer, and spiderman movies!!! I miss you Heather!!! I'm excited for your new year. You are amazing and soooo inspiring!!!
i love your list and i am with you on most of them. i too want to just thrift this year, try to consume less as well. the book thing is me, the getting off your duff is definitely me and oh yeah, learning the guitar too. my husband bought me one like five years ago and i still don't know anything. that's just sad! :) and i just love number seven ♥
Violet Folklore said…
Oooh, working hard on having a baby!!

Hey, make one of those books a book club book please :-)

I know, if I even go into Target there is no was in hell I am leaving without at least one new item of clothing for myself.
good good stuff.....and she looked, and she said, it is good. you're there babe.
mooncowboy said…
Great ones heather. much of this inspires me and (as amy said) is pretty much along the same lines as what we want to do and be doing. wonderful life is.

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