January Celebrations

For his 65th birthday, we took Pops out for pizza and salad (his favorite!) at Brick Oven Pub.
For us youngsters, they also happen to have Pliny the Elder (our favorite!) on tap!

Darin and I both wearing sweaters we got at the thrift store earlier inthe day. Mine is an exact replica of one I used to wear when I was ten years old, I got super nostalgic.

Headed back to Joey's Main Street apartment for cake and ice cream.
The kitties wanted to help! (Woody reaching)

So each one got to clean the teeny crumbs from our plates. (Camilla licking)

Birthday boy in the King's Chair:

We discussed future hiking/backpacking trips, inspired by a conversation we had at dinner and dad's list of goals for the year. Joey whipped out his topographical maps of the wilderness areas.

I feel so lucky to get to celebrate my dad's birthday with him.
I love my family so incredibly much and I am so glad to live near some of them.

Onward to more outrageous fun today: we're going to see Tim and Eric in SF!


boots said…
your the best daugher in the world! happy birthday pops! also have fun in SF!
Kaylie said…
I love that sweater! I found a colorful striped sweater a few months ago that reminded me of one I had when I was eight, so I know that feeling. :)
mooncowboy said…
my favorite pictures is joey and the map. sorry.

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