Woman of the Year

Yesterday was a most important day.
Amy's Birthday.
Amy Eileen Smith Beatty: the radiant, the good, the wonderful, the wise.
I so love this girl that my brother chose to blissfully wed about eight years ago.
Amy, if I could mail you a pet llama I would
or, I'd paint your sky gold
I'd present you with a mermaid's trunk of sea pearls,
build you a swimming pool,
make you earrings out of found butterfly wings.
I'd like to design a swingy, folksy dress in your honor,
tell secrets with you until four am,
with popcorn and pillows and soda pop.
I'd like to name a mountain for you, full of rivers and pine trees and sunlight.
I wish I could make you a patchwork quilt out of every good memory I have with you.
Build you a castle treehouse with trapdoors and a tower.
Have ten little babies to play with yours.
And sing songs for you from across three states.
Happy birthday to a country girl, an adventure mama and a comedienne.
You inspire me always!


Amy Beatty said…
WOW Heather... I don't know what to say. I love you!!!!!!! I'm so glad your my sister and I can't wait to see you soon, and make some more memories for our quilt that we will keep I guess in your head/heart!!! Thank you for making me feel soooo special!!
mooncowboy said…
Heather this is so sweet. You're amazing, and you've named so many wonderful things about the girl I love. Much love and thanks to both of you wonderful women!
guys, i really just wish i would have been able to properly help you both celebrate your birthdays! it is going to have to wait till i arrive there, which is the real reason for these blog posts which say a lot of words that i do heartfeltedly mean but are nothing like being actually and truly together. i love you both and the kids and can't wait to see you!!!

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