Happiness is a Package in the Mail

So here's the story.

Saturday I had the hardest day.

First of all, I was fighting off a nasty cold and on top of that I had to arise at the godawful hour of 5 a.m. to work my waitressing job. Then, wouldn't you know it, I had to call the cops on a self-proclaimed psychopath at 6 a.m. when it was still dark out and I was alone in my restaurant. And to top it all off, I proceeded to work a TEN HOUR SHIFT. If you have never been a server, let me just tell you that is WAY TOO LONG to waitress on any given day.

Needless to say, after work I felt like a literal zombie.

So imagine my pleasure and surprise to get home to a beautiful package of treasures in the mail! My ETSY ORDER HAD ARRIVED. HA! Very funny, universe, what a cute little trick up your sleeve. Well, guess what? It worked. This package made me very very happy.

Here's why: I special ordered this 9-pocket bag from the amazing and talented Lauren B. Yes, NINE (9)POCKETS including a heart shaped one and a felted wool one! I love pockets in purses. Although I am known to carry bottomless hole zero-pocket bags frequently, they are also the bane of my existence (to steal my mom's phrase).

I got to help through the entire process as she asked my favorite colors/styles, sent me fabric samples and then asked my preference for handles and length. What a seriously conscientious etsy seller. It was such a pleasure "collaborating" on this lovely creation.

Lauren even made me an extra little treat - this adorable sturdy little matching make-up bag:

Basically I'm walking around all day with it on me.

It just feels good. It has my favorite colors. It fits on my shoulder just right.

Maybe that explains why I look a bit manaical in this photo? A tad too excited...

Thanks for making my week Lauren!

I highly recommend you check out her shop and also, support artists and recyclers and buy all your Christmas presents on Etsy!


Milla said…
Your blog is fu-uun! Where do you guys live? I need firewood so bad.
mooncowboy said…
I love that she worked with you to ensure it was EXACTLY what you wanted. I need to check out etsy more often.

Oh, and glad that the psycho was taken care of. That situation sounds frightening.
Milla - we live in Placerville, California in the foothills of the Sierras. We just found out about a place where we can get a lot of nice oak for cheap too! Sorry you aren't closer but I'm sure there is some great wood available up in your neck of the woods, hopefully not too expensive.

Matt - I will tell you about the crazy dude later. He was waiting outside the door in the dark staring in at me. I'm pretty sure he was a paranoid schizophrenic and luckily it was him, not me, who suggested calling the police.

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