Gumption Girls

Why I am so full of energy?

I think my brother Mikie would understand this.
He is on constant high speed-high volume-GO GO GO.
As for me, well...I didn't accomplish my entire list yesterday but the work my sister and I did at our dad's house would have worn out a whole army of merry maids.

How can one move into a cute new country quirky home and NOT unpack and organize and tidy-up and decorate immediately???? My dad claims this is a woman's touch but I'm not convinced. Some guys can make a place pretty cozy and clean. These guys are NOT my dad.

My pops is the gentlest and funniest man I know....but he sure lacks ambition when it comes to setting up an aethestically pleasing home. This is where Addie and I came in.

I am sorry to report that I did not take before and after pictures. I promise I'll post some later. It's not done yet but here are some of our current accomplishments:
  • Organized the massive tupperware collection of a bumbly middle-aged bachelor who receives well-intentioned food gifts from church ladies and female relatives on a regular basis
  • Decided that a bag of cat food is NOT a decorative object
  • Made up a cozy little twin-bed-nook in the spare room (closet?)
  • Pushed around furniture into more feng-shui-acceptable positions.
  • Cleaned the dusty surfaces of objects that have been on this earth for way too long

  • Hung family photos (confiscating the strictly unbearable old ones, shhhhh don't tell) and reframed art pieces and found them proper places to liven up "charming" fake wood walls
  • Made administrative decisions about which of the four sets of measuring cups gets to go to the thrift store (does he ever use ANY of them? i think not)

  • Hid the boring stuff such as rice cooker, matchbooks, old receipts, boxes of band-aids, away out of sight...these also are not decorative objects contrary to dad's beliefs

  • Discovered that our father (gung-ho Costco shopper although he is only ONE person) has enough canned good and boxes of cereal to feed the inhabitants of a small island for one year. Also, enough brand new sticks of deodorant.

  • Turned an undressed futon mattress into a cozy place to sit

  • Generally helped transform our dad's house LIKE WE WERE STRAIGHT OFF HGTV!!!

Here we are after cleaning his old house:

Next up: tackle his silverware drawer. Ummmm, yeah. It's a wreck. A pile of plasticware and ancient steak knives. I didn't know where to begin. But I'll be back....

Honestly...okay here, I'll admit it: it is actually so rewarding and satisfying and inspiring, especially helping a person as grateful as our pops. And so here I go again....craft room WATCH OUT. I'M COMING FOR YOU.

Another update, well I did post some new items on my Etsy and SOLD SOME TOO!

(embarassingly, ludicrously happy about that)


Gretchen said…
Wow, I'm inspired. That's a lot of work! Very sweet of you to do that for your dad. Nice job! :) ~Gretchen
Amy Beatty said…
Can't wait to see Papa's new place!! The old one looked so different- white and clean and almost spacious! I'm so excited that you sold things. I was just looking through them. I don't know how you can get rid of such cute things that look so great on you!
Elizabeth said…
That's so nice of you to help your dad out like that--good luck with the silverware :)
boots said…
great job ladies! you are so beautiful, even after cleaning up a whole house your smile and hair are stunning. :)
the big day is September 12th. i can not wait to marry this man, last night i was sick and he was so sweet to me it made me cry (happy tears)

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