A Wild Enchanted San Francisco Adventure

Last night was QUITE A NIGHT.

Spontaneously, a big group of us decided to drive down to The City (does everyone call San Francisco THE city or is that a northern california thing?) to watch a show.
I drove NINE unruly people down through the valley in my van:
my sister Addie and her husband Art, my brother Joey and his gal Emily, our friends Maya and Gabe Sady, and our friends Stan and Lesley.
It was one hell of a wild ride.


We made it across in the nick of time after being stuck for almost an hour after the cable broke. Now the bridge is indefinitely closed. The only reason we made it across was because we had flown past miles upon miles of crowded city traffic in the carpool/bus lane in our big black jalopy van Isis, singing along to dorky old mixed cassette tapes and laughing the whole way!

In case you couldn't tell, here are Addie and Emily singing along to the Bangles "Eternal Flame" at the top of their lungs:

And here's the mess upon the Bay Bridge, oh holy amazing structure that still kept us alive although you were falling apart!

We screamed and cheered at the CalTrans workers when we finally passed by.Ended up in the nick of time at one of my most favorite venues, Bimbo's 365 Club on Columbus in North Beach.
Let me just revel in the decor for a moment!Mermaids and sirenas everywhere you look!
A fancy bar oozing dreamy oceanic sensuality:
We even had time to meet up with Emily's cousin Katie and have a drink before the quirky opening act's TALENT SHOW began!
And then the highlight of the night, what we'd all been waiting for.
Dead Man's Bones!It was absolutely the perfect fallish, all Hallow's show!
The dim and crepuscular lights! The ghoulish children's costumes! The wailing voices, the flute and piano and rhythmic pounding drums. The crooked tree cut outs on the violet backdrop, the twinkling "stars" and unearthly fog.
If you haven't listened to them yet, NOW IS THE TIME! Today! So that you can play it all the way until Halloween and beyond.
And yes, it is Ryan Gosling's band. And yes, he's even hotter in person.
But please don't let that fool you. This is no superstar's masturbatory vanity project. It is actually haunting, surprising, spooky, gospelly, cathartic music released on Anti- records!

The best part about it was the ghostly children's choir. Especially when they are yelling/chanting the words "My body's a zombie for you!"
If you have time, look them up and check out some live performances on youtube. The best thing ever is the haunted graveyard wailing marching parade of Name in Stone.
Saying good-bye to Bimbo's before heading out to roam the late night streets to find delicious slices of pizza in North Beach.

"You raised your flag up into my heart!"

I drove a sleepy van-load of people home in the wee hours, singing along to (you're not going to believe this) the janky old synthy 80's tunes of Y Kant Tori Read, yes, I'm serious. Felt like a rockstar waking up at noon to have my coffee.

Happy Wednesday world and I hope you are out there having adventures too!


Amy Beatty said…
HEf!!!! I'm bloody jealous. That Ryan, he is one HOT guy. I would have loved him, I know it! SO glad that bridge held out for you guys. I would have cried bloody tears if it didn't. I love you. And now i have got to hear this music, can't wait!!
amy i really think you're gonna like it. and it was even so much better live! i want jarom to dress up like that and sing creepy songs. i kept thinking of how much you guys would have loved the show. i'll have to tell you about the crazy talent show part later. a russian folk singer with big boobs playing accordian and screaming at her (handsome) sidekick "igor" - twas amazing.
Milla said…
wow! looks like a good ol time!
Anonymous said…
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