Fall Cleaning

The focus of my life for the last couple weeks has been organizing, cleaning, organizing, moving, more cleaning and more organizing. Nesting in for the winter I suppose, as well as helping my family all get situated in new places.

We finally took the old broken piano to the dump. HALLELUJAH.

The scariest black widows were living inside it.
Darin told me that they love pianos because they like the way the wind vibrates the strings,
and I believed him.
UGH. I love all animals and creatures but these guys really freak me out.Saying good-bye to an old friend.

Two nights ago I spent organizing my entire closet and pulling out vintage items to sell on etsy (check my shop for updates)! or to give away at a clothing exchange.
It is so refreshing to have an organized closet!

And bedroom too!
We got rid of our breaking-down bed frame so we are now sleeping gypsy-style on a mattress on the floor. I kinda like it but I want to romance it up with some more
blankets, pillows and exotic rugs.

Here's Dad moving into his new place out in the beautiful countryside.
Today we will finish up his move and help him get all situated and cozy in his new house.

So Dad's moving into Addie and Art's old house and THEY are staying with US for a month or so until they find their perfect dream house in Nevada City.
It's so fun having your sister live with you! So far we've stayed up late every night talking, laughing, drinking beer, and playing with our cats. More on the cats situation later...
Here, Addie models a crafty new headband gift from Amy and the kids,
a lovely farmers' market find!
So, slowly but surely, things are coming together!
Getting organized feels good...what projects are you working on?


Missa said…
Oh, those closet shots are quite inspiring as mine is in dire need of a massive purging and organizing!

We did some major home renovations over the summer, so I've got big nesting plans for this fall, getting everything set up all nice and cozylike.

Thanks so much for your super sweet comment on my blog :)
olivia rae said…
ooh i love your bedroom! looks so zen. hope you have a lovely weekend!

Amy Beatty said…
Your closet is just breathtaking!! So nice to get rid of useless things. Glad Papa is moved in. I'm sure you and Adie are having a ball. Your room looks so nice and fresh. Can't wait to see what rugs and pillows you find!!! Love you, kids loved that spider. Jarom is convinced that we don't black widows here-darn!! We do have a ton of other scary spiders though. Came into a nest egg while stringing my lights on the porch, yuck!!
mooncowboy said…
a little behind over here. Cleaning/organizing is inspiring. need to do more of that over here! (mostly me). Wish I could've been there to be muscle and help.

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