spooks and haunts

We're at it again!
Carved more pumpkins last night by a nice fire while watching Sleepy Hollow (SO GOOD!)So we're pretty much ready for Halloween.
Problem is, Darin is much better at being spooky than me. It seems I can only carve pumpkins into cats now. Darin, on the other hand, had the creativity and presence of mind to do a cyclops.And play dead by it...


Thanks for commenting! Your blog is so cute, love the cat pumpkin and LOVE your etsy shop!
Amy Beatty said…
love it!!!! I forgot about that movie, do you think it is too scary for the kids? maybe we will the carton one!
yeah, it is probably too scary for the kids. there are so GRUESOME parts! you and matt would love it though and the kids would LOVE the cartoon one. what are you guys doing for halloween? can't wait to see what the kids dress up as!

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