to THAI for...

another great thing about addie and art living here for a while
(they're moving to their cute new grass valley home on monday...i'm going to be sad...)
is that art is a phenomenal veggie chef who loves to cook almost as much as he loves to EAT!
(whereas as you can see that darin's business in the kitchen runs more toward distracting the chef)

this week seems to have featured thai food and i wouldn't have it any other way.

last night art made the most fabulous yellow coconut curry. i could seriously HOG OUT ON THIS EVERY SINGLE DAY! supposedly the ingredients in thai food fight off swine flu, so i have a good excuse right?

and all i have to do is bring the wine!

oh, and call some swine flu recoverees to come take part:

here's addie busting up and feeling good after the (giant) meal:

happy eating, blog world!

stay healthy!


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