harvest blessings

Last night we celebrated the full harvest moon of October.
and what a glorious night.
First, as the day grew dim we walked down to visit Darin at work.
(We did a lot of walking around under that giant luminous moon)

Look at these beauties! my lovely dearest friends: Rebecca, CarolAnn, and Doniella.
Poor Darin had to work so he didn't get to attend the festivities. So we brought him some treats at the youth shelter where he works; here I am giving him some harvest love:Walked back to Joey and Emily's where our group grew and we posed for a picture together.
Left to right, CarolAnn, Doniella, Zack (in back) Sylvan, Rebecca, me, Emily, Joey, Nick.
And then back to my house where our GROUP GREW EVEN MORE!!!
This photo took some dogged determination to get it to happen.
I'm so glad it did.
We piled into the van to drive up the hill a little to walk up the trail into the hills and woods.
We serenaded the moon.
We sang every folk song and love song and Beatles song and Disney song we could think of.
And then we made up our own songs.
These girls are WONDERFUL singers. I wish you could hear them harmonize.
Oh how I love my wondrous friends and the fact that we can do dorky things together and laugh so much our stomachs hurt and have an impromptu dance party next to the van on a cold apple hill night and sing to our very hearts' delight and flash the moon and be sisters and brothers and never be able to stop smiling at the love we have for each other and the world.


Amy Beatty said…
harvest blessings and more!!!! Feel bad for Darin though. You looked perfect in your fall dress. You are so blessed and lucky you got to see that lovely moon. Ours was hidden behind such dark clouds!!
i just saw the pics on facebook but i loved reading about the festivities here! how absolutely wonderful to have friends like these where you can gather together and sing and just have a merry time. so so lovely!!

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