it's raining it's pouring, the old man is snoring...

woke up to wind shaking the whole house, pinecones shaken from the big trees and torrents of rain pouring down outside my (still, stubbornly) open window.

welcome fall storm!
WATER: it's actually all we need here in northern california where electricity sparks in the air, plants and lawns turn palely to brown and my hair is full of static all summer and even as the leaves beging to change.
people complain about humidity but i rather perversely LOVE IT compared to dry, wrinkle-promoting, withering aridity.
bring on the frizzy hair!

it is especially fun in a storm to live with your sister and brother in law and wake up to an hour of kitchen-coffee-time conversation and snuggly cats.

it's perfect cookie baking weather....

even when you eat all the dough and feel like this:


Amy Beatty said…
adie looks like ten in that last photo. Your drive looked so beautiful. I never want those colors to leave. Our mountains are so bright right now and the sky is dark and gray, it is such a delightful combo.

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