Welp, I stole that brilliant title from this wonderful blog which I read on occasion (why do I always have trouble spelling that common word?) and always enjoy immensely.

In celebration of this incredible fallish month that we are all LOVING right now, I am going to try to write something every day. It may not make it on this blog and also I want some of it to be creative pursuits. So far I've written four pages of a novel. We'll just SEE how that goes...

So today I will list my goals and pursuits:

1. Help Dad get his house organized/pretty/liveable/cozy

2. Go out for lunch with some beloveds

3. Read 50 pages

4. Organize my craft room

5. Put storage bins in attic and find Halloween items

6. List one more item on Etsy

That's a boring start for what I am so boldly calling a "fest." But hey, I like to think I can make anything into a party.

So off I go...


Amy Beatty said…
Oh man. I would be lucky to get one thing done. Not to say that I don't do anything, just busy and nothing to show for it!! I'm glad you are helping papa, wish I could also. I wanted to start a new book last night-Tortilla Flat, by Steinbeck but matt surprised me with ice cream and the movie- I love you man!! so funny. Any who. One big surprise came today and I had to change my clothes instantly. I'm wearing my new dress!! Thank you soooo much. And I tried on that super cute top too. It really made my day. I love you, and good luck on your list!!! xoxoxxo many hugs and kisses . Oh yes-- and everything else was perfect also!! Can't wait to put the kiddos in their new clothes!!!! You are the best!!!
sounds like a good list. and such a cute cat.

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