pumpkin moonshine

it's that time again!
jorden and becky's annual pumpkin carving party.
always such a deliciously fallish gathering...the pictures speak for themselves.

becky and jorden's house and yard are perfectly charming and cozy nestled in ivy and fluttering fall leaves.

with cinnamon apple doughnut pieces straight from apple hill.

juniper fell in love with lucy's halloween kitty, and luckily lucy is a very good sharer :)

she watched all the goings-on with delight. it was the first time i tried putting her in the moby wrap facing forward...i know, i know, you're not supposed to but she LOVED it so i think it will be okay for once in a while.

i hope you all have fun with your spooks and spirits, goblins and ghouls and treats.
Happy Halloween!


dolly anna said…
you and lu lu! she loves the moby!

that party looks so festive and seasonally appropriate...

lucy is so beautiful and so is her mamma. how good is it to be mamma and daughter!
mmgood said…
what fun! of course lucy wants to face forward...how can she resist the beautiful world her mama cradles her in?

p.s. even though you're not "supposed to"...i wore fern facing forward in her bjorn because she couldn't bear facing in. so much to see and love!
kerttu said…
oh,looks so much fun! Love that little oven/fireplace.
Anonymous said…
Looks cozy.. And very cute kids :)
anne said…
i love these pictures heather! what a fun, cozy night.

i have worn babies facing forward too :D
Heidi Ann said…
Happy Halloween, Heather!!
Are you familiar with Tasha Tudor's book "Pumpkin Moonshine"? She has always been one of my favorite artists and authors.
Yes, Heidi! That is definitely the namesake here, and I've been reading it to Lucy often. Sylvie is her hero :) I absolutely adore Tasha Tudor!
Teeny said…
I was talking about Halloween with someone the other day and we were talking about pumpkins....and you know what? I don't even think we get big orange pumpkins here. I've only seen teeny orange boutique-y ones....ours are usually big green skinned ones. We trick or treated last night for the first time in my life, it was so much fun. Just to homes we knew were open to us....and those that called out to us and gestured us over with our big band of costumed children. I love your tradition, and your baby is going to, and going to remember it so fondly as she gets older. it will be one of many symbols of "home" for her. xo
Tera said…
FUN! I love the carved pumpkins.
Amy Beatty said…
aww!! that get together is the most perfect fall celebration!! Love everything about it!! glad you gave your girl a great view of it all!!
Missa said…
What Fall fun! Jordan and Becky's yard looks like the perfect spot for a pumpkin carving party.
How much fun! I love Jordan and Becky's yard and house. The jack-o-lanterns turned out so spookily cool ~ I love calling them "pumpkin moonshines"! What a wonderful group of friends. I would love that among people my age, stay that way forever!!

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