the littlest pumpkin carver

our jack o lanterns all in a row.
creating quite a fright and
casting a glow on the street where cats and bats roam in the night.
jorden and becky recently moved to the cutest neighborhood in placerville, where vines grow on storybook cottages and spanish tile rooftops and adobe walls soak in gentle afternoon sun. little lights along the windows and cats out for strolls, yards full of flowers and gardens and birds.

we spent a cozy evening at their new house, and baby oliver got to reach inside a pumpkin for the first time in his sweet little life. like usual, he was fearlessly curious and observant, busy and focused and taking it all in like a little scientist.
here are some pictures from that night.
cousin alowyn was visiting and she loves pretty things and to do hair. she is quite a conversationalist too.
the dogs lazily stood watch over the whole thing and later posed with our jack o lanterns on the porch.

since then we've dressed up, spooked out, and spooked out some more. i hope you are all enjoying a delightful all hallow's eve full of tricks, treats, disguises, and spirits. i'll be at the bookstore dressed up as pippi and handing out candy to the endless parade of small town trick-or-treaters!


Teeny said…
Aw maaaaaaaaaaaaan. I just read Millas halloween post and Elishevas...and now i'm REALLY wanting a trick or treat kind of night. It's daylight till about 8.30pm, it's warm and there are no pumpkin patches to go choose a punkin. I'm on the wrong side of the world obviously! And btw, how cute is that photo of Darin looking so sweetly at you! made my night. x
Elisheva said…
Your pumpkins are amazing!!!! Great work, I love the mixture of scary menacing madness and funnily sweet sillyness at Halloween. Again life looks just so sweet with you. Madeleine too, enjoyed so much the opening of the pumpkin, its sensory heaven for them, all that color and smells and seeds and squishy bits.
HappIEST Halloween and fun being Pippi to you xx E

I had Teeny so in mind when I was writing yesterday and how different it must be for her right now, Far away hills are greener, I yearn for sun and clear skies too amongst all this Autumn wildness. x
great pumpkins! have a fun halloween!
AdieSpringB said…
Cuties! All y'all! I think we either might be skipping the carving this year or doing it TODAY! Happy Halloween!
Nichole said…
That looks like a lovely way to spend the holiday! And I've never heard nor seen that part of Placerville. I'll have to check it out next time I'm down there in December!
Aww, nothing like the wet squelch of pumpkin innards! Those are some pretty impressive jack o'lanterns by the way!
Missa said…
Those are some sweet pumpkins, what a lovely evening!

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