our new roomies, a new dress, coziness and cats

so as i mentioned, joey and emily moved back in with us.
they lived with us before, from spring of 2008 to september of 2009.
sooooo the old household is back together and settling in for some cozy times. laugh attacks, movie nights, late night pig outs, impromptu dance parties and ridiculous homemade movies.

a peek around their room. it's the big one that i painted turquoise before my epic dance party, 2009.
em's trinkets.

joey's typewriter.

by the time they are our age they might have even more books than we do.

owl pillow on joey's old man chair.


em's queen chair and the record player. they listen to most all their music on vinyl, which is nice.

joey's collection of hand drawn portraits.

more of em's trinkets and homemade frames.

their bathroom.

don't you want em's jewelry?

but.....MOST IMPORTANTLY.....the newest additions to our catworld. joey and em have three cats of their own. and we have three cats. so we are back to a six cat household, my oh my. it's fun stuff around here. 5 of the 6 are younguns, so needless to say there is a lot of action.


CAMILLA, age 2 

 WOODY, age 1.5

 and FERN, age 5 months

i can't resist adding portraits of my own, so here goes:

Cream Puff, my old man, age 145 in cat years.

Daphne (beanie) my shy girl, about 6 years old.

and Billy (bobey) my wild boy, 1 year.

 billy and fern hit it off immediately and whole days are spent like this:

i have been sick for a few days but before that happened  i had a chance to wear my new fall dress!
i ordered it from lovely heidi of gold country girls (they have a wonderful blog full of fun stuff about these here gold hills) and when she was in town visiting lori, another gold country sister, she hand delivered it to me at the bookstore, beautifully wrapped and so delightful.

i decided that plum colored dresses are perfect for fall. and this dress really hit the sweet spot, with the poofy sleeves and lace collar and fitted waist and ruffled hem. everything i love and more!

 it was raining that day (still doing a rain dance) so i paired it with these little vintage black rainboots and a black cardigan. we had a cozy date to the movies: darin, joey, my dad and i. 

i thought darin was looking pretty hans, so i took some pictures of him too.

it rained all day yesterday, a surprise. i was sick in bed so it actually felt extra cozy and i didn't even mind that there were clothes out on the line getting drenched. i've got the halloween decorations out and it is that time of year to gather those you love around you and make a fire in the stove and cook a pot of homemade soup.

outfit deets:
calico plum dress: from gold country girls on etsy
black leather belt: thrifted, $1
black vintage rain boots: thrifted
black vintage cardigan: thrifted
cream tights: sooooo old
moonstone earrings: made and gifted by em
red kids' umbrella with stars and moons: thrifted $1.50

darin's togs:
brown suede sweater jacket: recently thrifted $3
brick red thermal shirt: folsom outlets a few years back
jeans: thrifted
work boots: thrifted


You have a beautiful and unique blog! I love the vintage dress you bought and I also love the scenery...those kind of days are the best!

- Scarlett
Teeny said…
You are wearing the cutest little boots! Lady, that purple bathroom is just divine! I love purple bathrooms - we painted our last one purple, I adored it. Now both of ours are limey buttery green...which i also like. Anyhow those cats and you are so adorable, and your dress suits you perfectly. Hooray for new housemates! xx
Celynne said…
I really dig their style of decor. Bright. Colourful. Lively. My kind of joint! Plus any casa con seis gatos is my kind of casa. Fern is such a cute kitten! And Daphne is so pretty. I recently broke up with my boyfriend and part of getting over it for me is dealing with the fact I won't see any of his 7 cats again. Oh cats, how you creep into our hearts.
dude. darin is my dad.
and that dress is amazing!!!!
Amy Beatty said…
oh man.... those cats crack me up. beana, that FACE is the cutest thing ever and billy is also just as adorable. and you have to love CP!! old feller. So cute to see fern and billy playing. I love your new mates! what a cozy home you have got brewing this winter/fall - forever. I also love joeys art. it is fantastic!! i need to come check it all out in the flesh. glad you are feeling better - i hope. and darin is quite the looker. your new dress is just perfect. it looks so comfy.
ashley said…
Obviously, I am loving everything in this blog, with the exception of hearing that you were(are?) sick! The cats have to make for a restless night, but for entertaining mornings! That action shot of billy and fern is so rad! She is turning out to be a such a beautiful lady!

And I agree with the plum dress for fall, and the boots in the rainstorm is extra adorable! Hope to see you soon, lady. This semester has me under its thumb...but a brew is in order asap!
Missa said…
The turquoise room will always make me think of New Christmas <333

What a fun household y'all have going and talk about cute cat overload!

I agree, plum is one of those deep rich yet slightly muted hues that capture the mood of fall so perfectly. You look absolutely divine in your new dress!
Heidi Ann said…
Oh, Heather - I am so delighted that beautiful YOU are the one who purchased my dress. I bought it all those years ago because I loved it, and it makes me so happy to know that you love it now - and it looks so fabulous on you! I loved seeing the living spaces of your new (again) housemates - and meeting all of the cats!
Cat lovers, lovers of vintage and beautiful things- we are all kindred spirits. I do believe it.
Thank you so much. It was such a pleasure to see you again (twice!)
t said…
Nice outfit! And so many cute cats!

Rachel said…
I love your turquoise walls! It looks so relaxing but also fun! I wish I had a kitty or two to play with. I'm a bit jealous you have so many cat friends! Your purple dress looks so lovely on you! I hope whatever movie you saw was a good one!

Milla said…
What Missa said! How fun that Joe and Em have joined your household again. I can't wait for the shenanigans that ensue and looks like your decorating tastes mesh. Love it. And you and dear Darin make such a "hans' couple. You guys are really too cute I love it. Happy fall, Heather-doodle!
Elisheva said…
Hello : ), I wish I could make my smile look much bigger, at least as big as yours. This all sounds good!!
That plum dress is a dream, and I certainly agree that autumn is a perfect time for plum.

What a handsome couple you are too. I have yet to show much of myself on my bog a rookie really: )
But now, Milla has been by Bio regional swap partner and sent me a dress, amongst other absolute treasures and delights and I have simply no choice now.
Oh your cats!!!!!! reminds me of living in France, we lived in a wee cottage in a mountain village with cats, cats, cats everywhere. My lovely landlady cared for many and fed them and brought them to the vet when needed. The neighbors too. Days full of kittens and nights full of tom cat calling. It added to the magic of it all; )
I feel quite honored to have stumbled upon such a wonderful circle of blogging ladies, and your lovely self and open hearted way of writing. Thanks for stopping by my blog, its always a lovely surprise, I really feel lucky: )

xx E
Anonymous said…
Love the colors on your walls,
love your plum dress,
and the cats (all of them)
- actually, it's quite a lot to love here!

Best wishes,
anne said…
what a great dress! it looks beautiful on you!

all the kitties are too cute! i'm sure it's fun to have friends living with you, although i'd probably stay up way too late chatting and listening to music every night.

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