Placerville Art and Wine Festival and introducing...Volution Gallery

saturday night was a big event in our little town: the annual Art and Wine Fest. they close off the street and over 35 local wineries come pour tastes of their wines, a blues band plays live at the bell tower, they auction off the art banners that are usually on display along main street, and everyone walks around and dances and sips wine and looks at art and all the merchants stay open late.

it's a really fun night and this year was extra exciting because...

"COMING SOON the new Art gallery name Volution gallery"

our friends zack and rebecca opened their brand new little art gallery - Volution Gallery on main street!
zack is an amazing artist and for this first night, all the art on display was his own. sylvan (their son) likes to make signs. rebecca is the real organizational and motivating force behind it all, running around getting all the odds and ends done and getting insurance and all that good stuff that comes with being business owners.
darin and i came early to be at their disposal for any last minute tasks.

i got to be in charge of coffee and cookies. they had an assortment of the best cookies in the world from Magpie cafe (rebecca's brother ed is the owner).

it was fun running around behind the scenes and seeing the results of sylvan's dutiful efforts everywhere. his drawings usually tell elaborate stories and involve a lot of people making calls on rotary phones.

or else they are postings of very important security information about the building.

and...he got to replace his "coming soon" sign with a new one! a perfect rendition of zack showing off his artwork.

everything is ready......

time to officially open!

and the crowds start to pour in!

debby (darin's mom) in a new cowboy hat matthew had just bought her for their night out on the town.

as for my own sartorial choices, i wanted to look like an 80's art student along the lines of winona ryder, who just got a job in an art museum.
i wore this lacy little blouse from a clothing exchange a long time ago, a recently thrifted silk skirt and put my hair up (it came down later in a big mess of course). i felt a bit too fancy so i wore mismatched feather earrings and threw on red china flats to make it sorta funky.

a dashing husband is always a good accessory!

my station for the night:
 (though i am very bad at staying in one place very long)

 the crowd kept growing! more and more friends kept showing up! all the local kids, some friends from sacramento and even from san francisco. a little art gallery reunion.

and of course, the newest friends.
budding artists and creative souls, 


and zillion! 
they are all within a few months of each other and all BIG.

 i asked my sweet friend bridget if i could take a couple outfit shots of her. lately everytime i see her around town she is dressed up so nicely. she said she is making a conscious effort to get dressed and feel good about herself every day. i love her thoughtful approach to life's little choices. 

she told me she wears these shoes as a "lesson in mindfulness." she says with each step she has to be present in the moment and feel her feet taking the step and be aware and mindful of it. she arrived on her bicycle in tennies, then changed into these :) beautiful girl with a beautiful soul.

what a great night we had!
 i am so excited for my friends and for placerville, hoping that this is yet another step toward a more centered, artistic, lively town.
thanks for coming along.


Milla said…
So exciting for your friends! I always admire people who step up to new challenges bravely and make a go of a dream. They seem to have had fabulous help too. Looks like a really fun time. Your friend Bridget and you both look very fancy indeed, fancy and beautiful. Oh and the babies! We too are having yet another boom of many little ones born close together. Fun to watch them grow.
ruby said…
wow it looks like you all had a blast, you look lovely and I agree your husband is dashing, what a cute stylish couple x
Amy Beatty said…
I'm soooo happy for Zack and rebec!!! that place looks awesome. I hope they made some good sells and that they continue to do well. Love all of sylvans little pictures. He is going to have a great time with his parents shop!! So nice of you and Darin to be able to help out - That is what friends are for!!! Right now I'm wishing a had some more friends as of most of mine are leaving town (fall break) and I'm having major troubs founding a sitter for thursday night. crazy times!!!
Amy Beatty said…
also I LOVE all the other friends who came through the night too. Wish I could have been there and Ems show. I'm secretly hoping you are going to do a blog about it?!
Celynne said…
That looks like such a great community event and a really lovely time. Those babies, goodness! They're all so cute!
Teeny said…
The best! You look extra purdy, and i like that you felt too fancy so snazzied it up a little with some Heather love. Looks like it's still warm there. Have fun sweetness.x
Missa said…
That's so cool that your friends opened their own gallery! How fun that you got to be a part of it too. Santa Rosa's young art scene has been growing and growing for awhile now, and it really does bring so much to the community. Yay for your friends and for Placerville!
Elisheva said…
Looks like such a great community, Love the outfit, especially the red shoes. There is something about red shoes, it much be an OZ thing ingrained in the little girl in me. Sounds all so golden autumn sunny and harvest like, to be celebrating with the wines in the street looking at art. Its good to do these things and mark our time with celebrations. xx
anne said…
that's so exciting! congrats to your friends and you lucky placervillians for living in such a cool town.
Anonymous said…
just as how you "are never in one place very long", i love how you weave these stories of your town, your place in the world. i would never know that placerville is not already the liveliest little town....from your descriptions it seems like it's inhabited by fireflies. i also see how much you love, how that love also weaves itself in and out and around the people and babies and animals and places you know. i suspect that you bring magic with you, wherever you go. xoxo
DalenaVintage said…
Sounds like my kind of festival. Looks like ya'll had a ball!
Nichole said…
oh i love the "lesson in mindfulness." how very, very true!

i grew up in the foothills of california (cameron park), and it is great to see placerville start to hum! i've been looking to move back to california, and maybe placerville is the place to be!
Kara McKenzie said…
Art, wine, cute babies, and adorable outfits... I can't think of a more fabulous combination. :)

Kara of

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