lucy and i finally had the pleasure of meeting mister axel t the other day!

in case you aren't familiar, he is the baby boy child of radiant suuzi, violet folklore cohort, yogi, farmer and all around inspiring woman. amber was one of the first to know of our pregnancies for both of us, suuzi and i were due just a couple weeks apart from each other, and we have been on parallel paths all along. see amber's little video of us talking about our pregnancies here, and she posted a little tribute to suuzi's growing family and their rad sartorial choices here.

amber and suuzi drove across the canyon with their delightful offspring to pay us a visit and explore some of the best placerville haunts. 

suuzi and axel at the craft booths in apple hill:

cider sippers.

mycie contemplates the pond and the view.

apples apples everywhere.

it was so great to talk to this mama. it is such a huge project to embark upon when you birth a child and become a parent: every day there is something new to experience, think about, decide, or stress about. we had so much to talk about that i feel like we barely touched upon each subject!

best of all, the babes loved each other! 
it was the first time i've seen lucy take such interest in another baby. maybe because he was her perfect match. just the right size, just the right coos, makes all the right moves....

he reached over ....

grabbed her hand, and they held hands awhile! 

we had a blast with them and can't wait to hang out again!

they also came bearing the raddest sweetest gifts.

lucy absolutely loves her antique doll from suuzi. per amber's suggestion, she named her saffron.

isn't she lovely?

and check out the dreamy array of vintage calico little girls' dresses from amber and mycie:

plus we are honored to receive some of this bounty that amber so lovingly harvested and handcrafted.
can't wait to use it for some baby massage magic.

hope you all enjoyed the meeting of these two babes who we all anticipated with such glowing excitement!


Anonymous said…
Overwhelmed by the cute! My GOODNESS!

Milla said…
Oh man! You guys are so adorable. Lovely to see dear Suuzi, as well as you girls and, of course Axel T. What radiance. Oh, I wish I lived closer so that I could just pop on over and see you girls.
Heather said…
Oh so cute!! love the baby playdate and such wonderful presents you got as well!! Looks like a wonderful time. It is nice to be able to talk with other Mom's. Great Pictures ~Love Heather
Crystal Lee said…
Lucy and Axel are quite the adorable pair. I'm sure they will have a lasting friendship. love the calico dresses for your little girl.
Tera said…
She is getting her babychubbs on! Just when you think they are looking really baby, all of a sudden, rolls and juicy, sweet, cuter than cute babychubbs appear!!!!!!! August started at close to 2 months.
What a wonderful group of friends! Lucy and Axel T. are so cute together!! Loved them holding hands. So good to be able to share the love and joy of raising children. The best part of my life was having my babies and raising my little ones. The years fly by way too quickly. Enjoy every moment sweet darlin' Mamas.
Missa said…
I'm remembering back to that wonderful day when Suuzi was showing us around their property, the sunshine and all the animals and you two gorgeous women with your swollen bellies and anticipations of motherhood, and now here they are, these two sweet little smiling babies HOLDING HANDS, soooo precious!!!
Violet Folklore said…
It was a magical day, especially watching the moment when Lucinda & Axel T's love was cemented forever.

Can't wait to see her in those adorable dresses some day! Love you Heather.
Janet said…
so precious!!! this looks like it was such a wonderful day.. full of fun, laughter and wonderful memories made to last forever. :)
Kimberly said…
Cute!!! I love how babies just love each they are amazed that there is finally someone around their size. :)

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