Lucy's Quilt

Do any of you quilt?
It might be my most favorite fabric craftsty activity....
mostly because the results are so beautiful.

Lucy recently received a very special gift...our dear friend CarolAnn made her a quilt. 
CarolAnn is the leader of the group of my friends that makes quilts for each others' weddings, me being the worst quilter in that group. I mostly just contribute cute thrifted fabrics and drink wine and gab during quilt making sessions. But CA is a true quilter.

This particular quilt began with a vintage thrifted quilt top that she found and repaired. The best thing about quilting is the variety of amazing fabrics and the endless ways you can put them together. 
Do you love fabrics as much as I do?
...these seriously make me swoon...

Maybe the unicorn is one of Lucy's spirit "animals", albeit a fantastic keeps coming up in her young life...

 CA quilted a sun pattern and made a vibrant colored backing.

Lucy enjoys checking out some of the different prints and colors:

Fall is the perfect time to get cozy on your favorite quilt.

I think it will be a special belonging for my baby all of her life; I picture it folded at the end of her twin bed, hanging over the entrance to rainy day forts, and wrapped around late night teenage shoulders. Someday I think it will go with her, maybe to college, or on travels, or to her own little apartment. It will always be a cozy reminder of home and truest self.

CarolAnn also gifted Lucy two adorable vintage dresses...we are in dress heaven over here!
Check out the detail on these homemade cuties.

It's so nice to receive such bounty of the heart, the kinds of treasures that are timeless and creative, invoking sweet and simple rhythms of life. That is what a patchwork quilt is to me, a rich emblem of time and spirit and love.


Janet said…
oh my!! heather, those quilts and dresses are beautiful. :)yes, i absolutely adore quilts.. especially the handmade quilts that took time and patience and were made with so much loving care.. :) i have never made a quilt, for i am not one who is familiar with sewing.. but i have always wanted to learn how to make the old timey tacked quilts.. joe's late grandmother used to make those a long time ago. those are some of my favorite types of quilts. quilts are so cozey, homey and just so much warmer than regular blankets, for sure. so full of character and warmth.... what a wonderful thing that ya'll get together and hang out and quilt.. that sounds like so much fun.. i always try to find me a quilt at the thrift store, but they are very rare for me to find.. although i do have patchwork pieces for a quilt top, i have not attempted it, for it looks as though it really needs to be machine sewed on this one... maybe one day?!! LOL
Janet said…
and may Lucy enjoy her quilt so dearly!!!!! that was so precious!!!
shannon said…
AWWW. I am the same way with fabric, especially vintage fabric. That quilt is the raddest thing ever. There is some crazy feeling I get when I see all of those random amazing pieces sewn together, and they all match somehow at the end! What a great friend you have. And Lucy looks like a little doll on that quilt :)
Teeny said…
I'm really late to this party! Lucy is one loved little mite, and so she should be. I love what you said about the quilt and how it will travel with her long from now throughout life. A forever friend in some respects. Lovely. xo
Tina Dawn said…
Lucky Lucky Lucy! The quilt is wonderful. Vintage fabrics are one of my very favorite things too! What darling little prints appear on Lucy's quilt. She will indeed enjoy its warmth throughout her life.
anne said…
what an amazing quilt! and the dresses are adorable. i agree, lucy is lucky :D i have made two quilts, my first blog post was about the one i had finished at the time. we use it all the time. i hope to make another one in the future, but i think i still need a couple years to mentally prepare for it ;D
Missa said…
Lucy's quilt is beautiful! So many bits of awesome vintage fabric goodness going on in there. I have pictures of myself as a wee babe on a 70's patchwork quilt that I think my mom made. How I wish I still had that quilt! Lucky Lucy that you will make sure to keep this one for her to have always :)
What a wonderful work of love! It is just beautiful! You have such a loving group of friends Heather. The vintage dresses are so sweet, I will love seeing Lucy in them.

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