farm babies

this is my beautiful friend mary. we have been friends for about twelve years, lucky me.
she's going to have a baby this month so we got together at her farm to celebrate.

here we are at the farm with herbs and berries and greenery sprouting all around. we've been friends since 2000; oh how i love us.
rebecca with her sylvan, carolann, mary and her little boy yarrow, and me with my lucy.

mary and her mama greeting guests. 

 mary is going to have her baby at home with her husband ben, just like her first one. she is the most calm and self-assured mama, quietly preparing and looking forward to that day.

 we had a nice assortment of farm grown goodies to eat, peppers and cherry tomatoes like candy, homemade flaxseed crackers and eggplant enchiladas and dill dip and salad greens galore, and home-brewed teas...

and even the cutest mismatched embroidered vintage thrifted napkins for tidying up.

discussions ranged from nia and dance to prop 37 to immunizations to babies of course!

two of my sweet besties.

mary had asked us each to bring a bead or small token to string together with blessings for her birth and baby. she talked about yarrow's birth and the dream she had the night before he was born of a huge colorful butterfly coming into her life, and her anticipation as she waits to meet this new child and discover his or her unique spirit.

meanwhile sylvan and lucinda shared a nice long gaze.

 see what i mean about the overalls? (em thrifted her this outfit before she was born, i can't believe she fits into it now!)

rebecca took lucy for a turn about the house, meeting people and showing her plants and kids and vines and goats. they love to go on walkabouts.

these are some wonderfully creative and productive individuals. ben has been gathering driftwood and forest treasures for upcoming crafts:

mary shows the strand of beads from when yarrow was born, a powerful and protective amulet.

herbs drying and well wishes.

 this is yarrow's delightful little abode.

and right here in this room a baby will soon be born!

wasn't too long ago when this boy was a tiny baby himself!

carolann will be next up on the baby train. it is so fun to have friends with babies and kids of staggered ages. everyone has a different perspective and the kids have crazy fun together.

sylvan is in love with picking berries. he specially requested a photo among the raspberries.

oh country boys, oh country joys.

i just picture five years from now, even more little bumpkins running wild through the green corridors of earthly delights here on the farm. 
sweetest baby blessings mary!


Teeny said…
I feel your happiness and bliss! More and more I consider our time in california, and wish for more time, wish we had stayed with you, wish for a lovely whole day at least. In a protective way, I'm so glad that you are surrounded with love and others and more littles. I'm such a weirdo, I'm looking out for you just as I would my kiwi friends here. It's the mama in me I think, or the big sister, i don't think i know different! you are still glowing and radiant. love you x
Milla said…
Sweetest blessings to Mary and the whole growing brood of little mischief makers. The farm looks so dear, so dreamy. Country joys indeed.
anne said…
what a gorgeous farm. all you ladies and babes are just a sweet sight. your discussion topics sound interesting. what are your thoughts on immunizations? i've never broached that topic on my blog, people get kinda heated over it :D

i hope your friend has a beautiful birth!
anne said…
ps- that first pic totally looks like it's out of spiritual midwifery! actually o thought it was until i started reading :D
haha anne, mary would love that!

and i wish i could do a blog post on immunizations but it's way too divided of a topic. i'll have to email you, i have a lot of thoughts on the subject!
Missa said…
My mom used to wear those same little wire-rimmed granny glasses back when I was just a babe with her hair long and free. Mary is reminding me of her then. She does indeed look straight from that time period.

What a gorgeous group of earth mamas you all are! What a special day :)

Tera said…
Enjoyed meeting your lovely friends! Lucy has grown! Still a baby-baby though :) What a beautiful girl xo Loved the eats!!!!!
Anonymous said…
those pictures of sylvan and lucy gazing at each other brought big tears to my eyes. what a good life mary (and all of you) are living.

in re: to immunizations...can we do a fb thread on that with all the mamas? i could use a forum for all that and would love to know your thoughts! xoxo
What a wonderful group of friends and such a blissful life of blessings for the spirit, tummy and soul!! Love you all!

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