Fall has fallen....

fall has fell, 
and how can we tell?

by little halloween lights strung in a row:

and jolly piles of pumpkins everywhere we go:

by scattered drifts of fallen leaves:

and finally wearing pants and sleeves:

you can stay warm in a cozy sweater:

or curl up for naptime, even better!

 a brisk afternoon, an autumn trail:

a rousing sip of cider ale:

summer's bounty won't last long:

sing your baby a harvest song.

vintage seafarer dungarees: thrifted
blouse: thrifted
flats: thrifted
earrings: world market
darin's sweater: thrifted
lucy's sweater: gift from elsie


AlphaBetsy said…
So much fall beauty!! Happy fall to you and your beautiful family. :)
Jenna E said…
Ahhh you guys are so beautiful! Happy Fall friends
Heather said…
Happy Fall!! ~Beautiful pictures Love Heather
theequinebovine said…
you look adorable. love the high waist hotness on you!
anne said…
yay! looks beautiful!
Missa said…
This post would make a wonderful children's book! Have you ever thought about writing one? Ok, you might need to change the cider ale line, but Darin's ale sippin' sweater sure is awesome. As are your jeans!
Teeny said…
whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat I thought I commented here aready! I wanted to say foremost that I loved your poetry, please regale us with more. And that I big time heart you in dungarees, man, they suit you. And then there is your family, which sweet button, suit you more than anything else I've seen you in. xoxo
marya said…
You look beautiful! (and so does your lovely babe)
Andrea said…
adorable as ever :) I'm happy for you that Fall has fallen your way... not yet here, so more to look forward too. Although today was the first day we could have our windows open. It's a little too warm for it, but we just can't wait any longer :)
Anonymous said…
QUIT IT. the cute here is KILLING me.

lately i've been into collecting kids books from the 70s, the kind illustrated with photos...this post is like a grown up version of that. and i love it. and i love your adorable, pantsy self. xo
Anonymous said…
I saw the little skeleton lights and I was done.

I think this might be the first time I've ever seen you in pants! Rockin' them like you do everything else. :)
Love it Honey!! You should write more poems and put this one in a little book with the pics for Lulee.
Love you darlin' girl!! Always such a gift with words since you were teeny.
Nichole said…
okay, most babies are cute, darling, sweet, whatever. but that baby, that baby right there, may be the cutest, darlingest, sweetest baby i have ever seen.

love the outfit, love the leaves, love that hair! thanks for posting!
Milla said…
Gratuitous kitten shot! Also, love yer pants, that shot of Darin having a refreshing beverage, Lucy's love of grandma and all your fall fall fall fun. Your fam is the best.
Heidi Ann said…
What a lovely post! Wishing you a warm and wonderful autumn.
Sailor Purrs said…
This was wonderful. I loved every one of those things. Tortie <3
Kimberly said…
You look absolutely stunning Heath....and Lucy....oh my gosh!!! Can't wait to see you again so I can hold that beautiful baby. :)

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