all american

we pulled out the ole red, white and blue for debate night.

as a side note, it's hot again, so bye-bye to the beanie by midday.
we tried the little bow-on-the-head trick using a bit of karo syrup. it looked cute but i felt kinda bad about the sticky spot on her head and the bow didn't stay put for long. so it might be lucy's one and only sticky-bow experience.

after a little afternoon outdoor nap.....

she wakened to her favorite people in the world...

i decided that having a baby to raise up as a thinking and active citizen is actually a very patriotic thing to do. that's central to my version of the red-white-blue. this is the country where my baby (and maybe someday her babies) will grow up. that makes me more interested in politics and activism than ever.

what is american style to you? to me today it was vintage levi's denim shirt and soft printed 80s tee, spiced up with a bit of fringe and batik. multi-culturalism if you will.

well lucy was pretty stoked to head over to rebecca and zack and sylvan's to watch the debate with our friends...

and no many friends to greet, legos and trains and books and walkie talkies to check out.

sylvan's door notice: "Welcome to Room 6. Mr. Pangbroehrn. I teach Math. I am a janitor too. NEW: Swimming Free 3:00 pm."

she already loves sylvan. 

and with good reason, after all he has a fraggle doll.

oliver patiently awaiting pizza.

pizza, beer, wine and presidential debate. with lots of eruptions of laughter and indignation and fact checking from our little crowd.

lucy loves sociopolitical gatherings. they invigorate her. when we got home, daddy was zonked but she was ready to keep up the party.

It's a party in the U.S.A!


Teeny said…
I love that you are patriotic about your country, and that you care about your country’s political future....and have a merry band of friends to be involved with on a cerebral AND fun level. Lucy is adorable in her red white and blue outfit. When I think of American style, I still think of that Bruce Springsteen music clip of Courteny Cox whitey dancing to Born in the USA...and also Jack Johnson for some reason.
Heather said…
That last pic is so cute!! How great to get together with friends for the debate the pizza looks delish!! After our recent world travels it blows my mind that there are some in this country that do not vote. I don't think they realize what and amazing opportunity it is! ~Love all the red white and blue, great pictures ~Heather :)
Amy Beatty said…
red, white and blue looks so cute on you two. I read that moms without thinking dress their kids like them, like if you are in a purple mood you two both would magically be in purple. and maybe not even notice till someone says you guys are so cute, like twins :) Today was our kids picture day and I did my best to not touch them once and let them be themselves. So fun. Bella might regret wearing a big lavender flower in her hair. Only for a while though. because then when shes our age she will be able to smile about it again. I have been missing you guys. these blogs are great but surely don't even come close to answer all my questions about life there on the home front with a babe growin like a plump weed. This blog and the last one both of the first pictures are amazing. I could just look at them all day. Her face is priceless. her little wrinkled brow in the pumpkin one and she is a sweet little garden gnomb in this one. I love you guys and your little happy home and doings. I can't get enough of it. I tried asking pops about you guys but all he can do is just gush about you as a mother in love and the neat neat granddaughter of his. I got to see all your photos on his phone that you post on instagram ? I think matt is on that. I don't know why he never bothers to show me. I loved them all. Bella loves the pumpkin pictures of luc and hopes she got a baby pumpkin and wonders if her teeth and growing. Guess i'm not the only one with questions. We all miss you guys.Thank you so much for keeping us up-dated and in the loop !! love you tons xoxo. btw - you look so amazing!! and I wish I could nap next to lucy!! what a dream you livexoxo
Milla said…
That Lucy. She's as patriotic as they come. What fun to watch the debates with friends, pizza. We don't know anyone that has TV, but if we did, or had a pizza place around here, this would be the way to go.

Actually, to be totally serious, I'm really happy that you feel like Lucy's presence in your world is making you even more aware of important issues of the day. That's how I feel it should be, yet all too often it seems (to me) that upon becoming parents people channel their political/environmental/societal passions into the small scale of things that immediately affect their family.

They bang their fists at PTA meetings and demand new playgrounds and crosswalks at city hall, while almost completely ignoring the bigger picture of their children's actual future, this society, this world we live in.

On the one level it's easy to understand why this might be. What's terrifying about our world, becomes all the more so when you bring someone in it that will live beyond your century, into the great unknown future, so it's easier to focus on why they're not getting the best possible schooling to prep them for a college education. And most parents are terribly tired and over-stretched.

At the same time though, if all the parents in the world really realized what is at stake for their children, we might get where we need to get a lot sooner and those children's future would be a heck of a lot brighter.

So yew-haa for your politically engaged lil' fan! When grown-up Lucy sees these shots she'll know where her fervor for political action came from.

ps. sorry for the world's looongest comment.
shannon said…
Oh Heather she iis just beautiful. Look at her skin!! And On a second note... Your hair is AMAZING!!! What do you use on it?? Looks like you have a happy happy baby!
mo said…
first and foremost, your little one is absolutely the cutest! I loved the little bow and your red shoes are just WAYYYYYYY too cute Heather! I love that embroidery and how fitting that Lucy had a cute little pair of red shoes to match you. I am still really looking forward to the day I get to meet her. I should be in the pville area sometime in November. Maybe then!
Geny said…
Lucy is so so so adorable, I love the picture of her snoozing outside, perfect!! Thank you for sharing a bit of her with all of us!
Anonymous said…
i keep coming here to comment, and i just realized why after like the 4th time i still hadn't written (4 times? errr...i'm not stalking you, i swear). anyway, that last picture completely derails any "this land is made fer you an me" comment i could make. because i start hearing cartoon voices, where she's wringing her hands maniacally and plotting to take over the world...or at least what she'll do when she's president.

i'm so stoked you have a group of pals to do things like watch debates with....especially with dinner involved. your community seems so rad. love you!
Crystal Lee said…
I love that you dressed Lucy up in red, white, and blue. She looks a lot like you! I'd like a better look at your 80s tshirt.
Tera said…
OMG!!!! Just soooooooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!
Missa said…
You and Lucy are so freakin' adorable in your red, white, and blues. I can't believe her perfect little moon face and smile in that first photo, that is one seriously CUTE baby you've got yourselves there :)

I've said it before, I'll say it again, your community rocks. Everything about this get together is awesome.
I'm dying over how cute Lucy is in these pics! And I love Rebecca and Zack's house too. Your group of friends is wonderful!! I love that last picture of Lucy and Darin, she has a mischievous little smile on her face. What a little punkin!
Kimberly said…
Cute Heath!!! Love that you were both so patriotic :)

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