"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers"

october is the month of pure fall fun and i greet it with a deep sigh of contentment and happiness.
and of course, all the fall fun is more fun with a baby around.

first we headed up to the camino thrift store. it is situated across from the most beautiful view of grapevines, roses, a pond, hills, and pines. darin and lucy enjoyed the view sitting out front on the couch while i finished up shopping. the fun thing about lucy right now is, she really does enjoy things. she is curious about everything and directs her attention to anything you care to show her.

the thrift store is also situated in between a couple winery tasting rooms and some farm fresh produce.

we traipsed across the street to smell the roses. it was cold and cloudy that day, hallelujah!

my books say that she can smell different scents now too. from roses to pumpkin candles to apple pie baking to coffee to her own dirty diapers...her little blossoming senses are obviously getting a work out!

we took lucy to a new farm in apple hill this time, one we hadn't been to before. apple ridge farm has a petting zoo, a hay maze, nature trails, a real pumpkin patch, craft booths and a bakery. 
what more could you ask for?

she was so busy checking it all out. the animals amazed her....

these two guys were cute buddies:

we fell in love with these crazy zinnias.

and we each picked out a pumpkin.

another little cutie wanted to pose for us in the pumpkin patch :)

i hope you're all enjoying some cozy lazy lovely october days, as they were meant to be!


Teeny said…
Awwwww, I just showed Steve your post, and he was all "Oh My God!!!! That's their baby!" "She's only a few months old!!" - I think it was nice for him to reconnect with you guys this way. The people he met in the hot hot sun, the lady with the big pregnant belly and her cool sweet husband, seeing her again now small and smiling and her husband chilled and charming in the cool month of October with a most luscious little one. I love these new memories. xo Oh and i loved your story of breaking up a bar battle with your tales of peace and love. xo
Missa said…
You know it just doesn't feel like Fall until I read one of your Apple Hill posts Heather ;) How fun to see little Lucy taking it all in! Fun to see you in some cute layers too :) I thought our Indian summer might be over after that last heat wave but there appears to be another on the way, yikes!
Anonymous said…
aw heather, that photo of you and babes, with the flowers in the background....i am awestruck with its beauty. that's one for the printer, for sure. you are so lovely, and lucy's cheeks seem to have reached peak, plump smoochableness. happy to see you out getting your pumpkin on. xoxoxoxo
rebecca stevens said…
I, too, am so happy to be in a world with Octobers, with a new moon circle under wind and stars. I found you from looking for the Motherpeace Star which took me to you on your quilt wearing red and black (me too!), and your blog title makes me smile because right now my house is on a ridge between two creeks, both with the remains of busticated moonshine stills, and my last house was just up the hill from a junkyard. I can't wait to look at it more because I liked the Motherpeace post a lot, and just under my comment box is a baby and a sheep. Carry on!
shannon said…
You look amazing and so very happy! And that little dolly baby is something else!
shannon said…
You look amazing and so very happy! And that little dolly baby is something else!
Heather said…
October is a great month isn't it!! my oldest was born in October his birthday is right around the corner. Looks like you guys are enjoying all the good stuff about the fall!! Lucy looks so cute in her little hooded sweater and she does seem to be enjoying all the wonderful sights and smells ~Happy October Love Heather
Twinsanity said…
Looks like your family had a excellent time at the pumpkin patch. Yours is much fancier than the one we'll be going to this weekend! Have you been getting my emails about the bio-regional swap? I've run into a delay. Hope you're having a wonderful fall!
Janet said…
What a wonderful way to spend the day, with a thrift store, farm- fresh produce, pumpkins, animals, roses and beautiful flowers to stop and smell and a farm!!! The pictures capture that wonderful day so good, heather!!!! it sounds like so much fun. :)
Milla said…
I'm so happy October is finally happening for you m'dear. Lucy's first. Lucy's first pumpkin, Lucy's first apple pie, Lucy's first smell of rotting leaves. Fall is the best. It's lovely to see the bunch of you celebrating it.

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