Tuesday, August 31, 2010

bro-down hoe-down outfit pics

we have a new huge amazing thrift store in town.
darin found some overalls and an old-fashioned men's nightshirt.
bam, new favorite outfit.
he wanted to take some outfit pics. first time that's ever happened.
he even sometimes likes to go with the one-shoulder-strap look.
for ultimate casual chic.

p.s. if you like his style, you'd LOVE his filmmaking abilities.
check it out and/or support here.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Epic Dust - An Extravaganza of Infamy in the West

hey hey hey heya!
check it out...Darin's kickstarter video is up and running for a very exciting film project that we are embarking on!

I'd be honored if you guys would take a peek.
Also, he has a blog specifically for the project at epicdust.blogspot.com

Here are some extra cast photos from the super fun photo shoot we had on Friday night.

My husband is a dreamer extraordinaire indeed and I am so proud to be part of his dreams.

a solitary adventure

as much as i treasure alone time, i recently realized that i rarely go on "adventures" alone.
that is, wild outdoorsy nature adventures in which i must be a little bit brave and strong.
so the other day i had a plan to go to an easy river-spot right under mosquito bridge requiring very little hiking or rigor. but the road was closed (probably because that old bridge is about to fall down) to all cars, bikes, and pedestrians until october 31!

so i was stuck climbing down to a different river spot that requires a steep hike into the canyon.
even though it is my favorite spot it is quite remote and so, my friends, i have never attempted it alone because every little noise frightens me and the idea of weirdos out in the woods scares me even more.
but i did it! not only that, but i packed my backpack full of clothes for my shop, slung darin's camera over my shoulder, and brought along the tripod as a walking stick! thus loaded, i began my descent down the poison oaky-woodsy-slippery-dusty-mountain trail.
took my time slipping and sliding with all my gear and finally made it down to my favorite river spot!
dirty and hot, i immediately flung my things down and leapt into the cold invigorating water.
this spot is amazing because there are good rocks for jumping or diving, as well as shallow rushing rapids for crossing and frolicking and tons of nooks and crannies to explore.

i stayed until the sun got low behind the trees.
then hiked back up that unyielding little trail.
everything is dry in august, and it was a hot breezy day, so i walked to the rhythm of rustling leaves and empty seed pods...

a snake crossed my path rather suddenly, and i threw down my stuff and turned defensively (he was long gone). it was then i realized my backpack was slightly open and i had been dropping things along the trail! etsy clothes! so i had to hike back down the steep part looking for my belongings and i never did find my own little white tank top, oh well...a ghostly gift to the next girl who comes down for a dip.

the trickiest part about this whole solitary adventure was trying to do some modeling shots down there.
the camera on the tripod was making me very nervous as there were no real flat sturdy spots and there was a breeze in the air that i thought could knock down my cheap rickety tripod!
plus it was so bright out that i kept running back and forth to see if i had weird shadows and such.
it was fun but exhausting.

i wanted this little black lace dress to look like something from one of shakespeare's forest witches:
spring green skirt:
blowing in the wind...
cute little eyelet blouse:
natural mexican senorita dress:
and abstract brushstroked little 70s dress:

all these items should be on sale by the end of the day in my shop, filled with the toil and love of a brave girl's adventure!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1980's Desert Park Ranger

i never wear shorts.
i mean, seriously nearly never. i hike, walk, bike, and go to the river in skirts or sundresses.
that being said, suddenly i have developed a certain weakness for the pleated/high-waisted shorts of my junior high days.
however, this is my first time trying it since then.
i was inspired by milla's post about channeling characters and realized that given the summer heat and my penchant for new-agey 80s clothes lately, the 80's desert park ranger is the look i've been choosing quite often.

you know, the lady ranger who wears practical hot-weather clothes, sensible sandals, and chunky southwestern jewelry to show her true colors.
i wore beads in my hair that i bought from an old navajo family near sedona arizona.
and geared up for our upcoming southwest road trip!
while keeping an eye on the local wildlife:

(still trying to get them to develop a friendship, my beanie is very stand-offish)

and today is even hotter so i've finished up with ranger duties and off to the lake!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesdays in my Town - Placerville Hardware

I did a little photo shoot on Main Street with Emily and Ryann the other day and I realized how lucky we are to have the oldest operating hardware store west of the mississippi in our town!
Placerville Hardware goes back to the rolicking days of the California Gold Rush and has been in operation since 1856 when it was a tinsmith shop and hardware store.
It has a very cool history that you can read about here and has now been owned by the Fausel family since the 1950s (I went to school with the Fausel kids cause we're quaint like that).
In fact, the store still carries all kinds of frontier life necessities, like gold panning equipment!
Busy storefront, country goods, seeds, wagons, swimming pools....
Oilcloth is timeless and always photogenic.
I wish I knew the age of the gorgeous wood floors! I like the way it smells inside, like dust and penny candy and oil and tin; and the friendliest folks work there. You'll find windchimes, copper kettles, birdhouses, wax candles, kites, brooms, nails, clothespins. Everything a country girl could ask for!
If you're lucky you'll even find some tomatoes and fresh baked bread at the Wednesday Night Market, and now your midweek Main Street trek is complete!