through the green forest softly without a sound

"through the green forest softly without a sound,
wrapped in a still mood
as in a cloak and a hood
i went, and cast no shadow in the shadow of the wood."
edna st.vincent millay

overnight everything turned rainy and cold and cozy. i spent the day in rainboots and calico, exploring and wondering and reading poetry like in a dream and could not remember where i was headed and felt like i was twisted in gypsy mist. i spent the thundering afternoon at a wood paneled pub in the pines with plates of sherpherds pie and pitchers of beer and pool tables. we were celebrating a baby's birth; we were celebrating leavetaking and springtime, new life and the refreshing of earth and the swelling of waters. i spent the night at a campground by the river and awoke early to hail on the tin roof, patches of sun and shadow, starlings and hummingbirds and wild geese calling their tiny babies to follow. i sat on the deserted terrace over the wide slow river taking branches, soil, birds, fish, bramble and berry for rides to secret swirling coves.

and i listened to forest songs and made another mix tape and thought about things that have happened that will never happen again and animals i've loved and strange and mysterious sights i have seen.


marika said…
what a beautiful stretch of wilderness!
Andrea said…
this post made me feel very peaceful and lost in the forest :) My favorite place to be lost. You also look lovely and warm & cozy.
Anonymous said…
Such a lovely collection of images. And I swear I thin it must be raining everywhere....I've seen it mentioned on so so many different blogs! Haha.
Missa said…
Rain or shine, your posts are always such a joy to read Heather, and so life affirming!

That skirt is GORGEOUS :)
Teenysparkles said…
Missa has put into words perfectly what I intended to say. I always depart from your blog happy!
Amy Beatty said…
She's got a way about her, don't know what it is. ....... that song is stuck in my head. My love, you are pretty darn lovely in word, thought and deed. And who is that black beauty?
awww, thanks girls. and amy, that is pluto who hangs out here all the time meowing at our door day and night wanting love. he is polydactl, that is, has extra toes up front! super sweet and totally in love with me!
What a pretty, poetic post - I'm looking forward to scouring your blog (found you via Green & Pretty).

Courtney said…
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Your's is just a dream and now that I've found it I just want to catch up with all of your stories! I love your river and your skirt and your cat! Have a great weekend.
Violet Folklore said…
Oh Heather you are so beautiful! I miss seeing you and your sis (and both your clothes!).
Kelsie Lynn said…
beeautiful. the poem, your writing and the pics -all lovely.
It turned cold here too. Im freezingggg
Milla said…
You are such a cute and stylish forest nymph! What lovely imagery.

ps. Happy Beltane
boots said…
love being able to get outside now too! so perty. i have an almost identical pink shall that my grams made me. <3

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