it's an 80s celebration

we had a completely random 80s dance party on wednesday night.
it was an absolute blast.
there is nothing in this world like dancing furiously for hours on end, stripping off layers of your clothes, trying to leave the dancefloor for a break but always drawn back in because every song and every beat rocks the core of your soul.

especially in ridiculous outfits.

nothing like it.

i made darin and jamie wear these corduroy o.p. shorts i've collected over the years. i love them myself but i find that the men in my life look much sexier in them.

check out this body fuzion hottie.
and this one!
and these freshies.

local cuties eragon and nicole getting down.

break time, all sweaty like.
ryann and artie
maya and adam

and then back to the dance floor.

80s style tip - don't forget to wear your jungle animal earrings.

doing my hair was a total flashback to 7th grade. i curled half the bangs down, half up, and used a crikeload of hairspray. ewwww. and it did not hold, not at all. i do not have industrial strength hair.
if i were a lady in the real 80s i think i would have gone with the more peasant skirt, flowy blouse, sandals look. but it was fun to wear hot pink and tons of make up for one night. you can't tell but i kept reapplying my shiny pink lipstick, till i drank a couple too many beers to care anymore.

i've said it before and not to brag or anything but i love my town.

spontaneous joy....ahhhh.
thanks to ddj xaq 4000 for giving us the muze.


Amy Beatty said…
WAY too amazing!!!!!!!! No one can touch Adie. She is just a gem from the 80's. I love it so much. You all looked so awesome. Glad you had the boys wear those cute shorts, it would have been a crime to leave them not in use. We have to RE-DO this in a few months for me. I can't stand how much a love it. Emilys shoes!!!!!!!!! Ryan and her amazing gold get-up. You look too cute to me. Where in the world did you get pink lipstick from. I think I want some now. I might have to have a theme for my house party. Wish I could have saw your hair in all it's hairspray glory. that was my very favorite do back in the day also.
Missa said…
Oh my gosh, this looks like SO MUCH FUN. Are you doing the "she's a maniac" dance in that second shot... you totally are, aren't you? SO awesome!

Can I move to your town?
lightwood said…
Very very cool. I actually love your hair like that haha. It does seem like you live in a very awesome town with very awesome friends! Jealous!
Caroline said…
This is amazing. So jealous right now!
boots said…
gosh do you guys ever stop having fun! i need to move to you. like now.

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