Now I'm gone...

and it's hotels and whiskey and sad luck dames... jk. I'm in Utah visiting the fam and we're currently heading out into the dry skinnyhorse desert to Moab mecca of wandering adventurers. Train tracks, cottonwoods, sagebrush and haybale. Tiny towns full of the ghosts of miners addicts indians and saints. Gnarled old bristlecone and stark rock castles in the sky. in the landscape of fire and wind I come slow and earthbound as a turtle. I plan to return covered in that good red dust and my bones full of stone and sky. With pictures of course.


Missa said…
Oh you lucky girl, I'm so jealous! Have an amazing time, Moab is awesome, can't wait to see lots of pics :D

Hey, have you read the book Car Camping by Mark Sundeen? I read it ages ago and remember really liking it, I thought of it because he goes to Moab along his quirky travels through the Southwest. If you haven't, you should check it out, I think you might enjoy it ;)
Kelsie Lynn said…
Aww man! i didn't read this post.

Next time you come can we please please please be real friends?
It will go like this:
Hike (pleasantly walk) up mountains, take pretty pictures, drink herbal tea then go watch Jean Luc Godard films :)
AdieSpringB said…
I'm ready for the new blog now lady!

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