Moon of Eostre

happy easter! in ancient times i'd instead be wishing you a happy eostar ritual, as a celebration for ostara the saxon goddess of spring who was the northern form of astarte. i love the way these words associated with femininity create flowing patterns: astarte, oester, esther, easter, ostara, ostera, oestrus, estrus. naturally, it all comes down to fertility!
spring renewal, the sacred moon hare, painted eggs representing new life...traditions i can embrace! another thing i love about easter is the fact that it is a moveable feast, going by the old lunar calendar rather than a fixed date and always occurring on the first sunday after the first full moon of the vernal equinox.

we celebrated with mimosas
and by making crepes (first time i've tried my hand at them and i really don't think you can go wrong)

and by decorating eggs:

then it turned cold and rainy and darin had to go to work so after everyone left i spent the evening with books and cats and blankets piled upon me watching first this version of Emma with my sickly momma
 and later the ever-wonderful and timeless Amadeus
and thus getting inspired about fertility but this time of the creative passions rather than the bodily type.


lightwood said…
Aw you looked like you had a really nice easter - very creative! Ps. I love your little apron - I've decided I'm going to try to incorporate some of my aprons into everyday outfits somehow. Wish me luck hehe
Jody said…
Your post is pretty much exactly what I emailed to my family and friends about the festival of Eostara! I remember as a kid asking my parents why are there bunnies and eggs on Easter? And no one could answer me. Finally, once I started devouring any information on Goddesses and pagan celebrations, I found my answer.
My husband and I celebrated by decorating hollowed out eggs with fabric, beads, ribbon, and so on. I love the celebrations and rituals that follow the moon and seasons, things that are tangible and make so much sense to me. Thanks for the post!
Milla said…
Happy Easter! May there be all kinds of flowering in your life this spring!
Andrea said…
yes, indeed! I'm looking ahead to a fruitful spring as well :)

those crepes are making me so hungry, I just want a little bite!
Missa said…
Looks like you all had a fun celebration!

Lucas and I were just talking about how, now that we have a kid who is getting old enough to start wondering about such things, we should come up with some non-relgious based Easter traditions and ways of celebrating that will be fun and meaningful for her and make it more about the celebration of Spring :)
Mmmm, those crepes look delightful! Loved, loved the ones I used to get on the street in France! Looks like you had a fabulous day full of warmth and spring! I had a great time with my boyfriends family, but it was a bit to much of a commercial celebration for my taste. Which is not at all what I expected considering his mom is a practicing eclectic witch.... But nevertheless, the welcoming atmosphere in her home is always loved and appreciated, and it was a great day for celebrating friends & family. All the best in the beginnings of your creative endeavours!
anne said…
Love those place mats!!!

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