a mixtape for you dancing fools

click here and i dare you not to jump up and dance like a fool!

i had so much fun today playing around with 8tracks which i found by way of A Thought is the Blossom when she made the most amazing mixtape of mississippi blues and songs of the old south. i totally recommend making your own mixes and listening to some of the excellent music that people have combined. it helped me immensely in my household chores today!

so i figured i better start with a dance mix since pretty much all i've been doing lately is dancing. the mixtape i posted above has some songs i've been digging dancing to....umm, a little too much.

as i mentioned my friend the dearheart becky had a dessert party for her birthday (everyone brought the most delectable treats like cayenne brownies and lemon raspberry cupcakes) and naturally it turned into a little dance party. and what happened was magical: the song "home" came on (which is on my list) and by this time the boys had joined in too and jorden, becky's husband, suddenly grabbed hands with the people next to him and we spontaneously and gleefully all circled up and did a huge yippee-yee-haw country circle dance, whirling and spinning and coming together and whooping around the room like a buncha fools in love.

but becky's real favorite right now is the one called "pursuit of happiness" by kid cudi so that one is dedicated to her and the bright and shining year ahead of her! she has the most amazing plans that i hope to share here very soon.

okay and by the way, i NEED to start a squaredancing league like now. once i won a prize at a square dance at the town hall but it's been way too long...anybody know a caller?


Milla said…
Too frigging cute! I want to be friends with all your awesome friends and totally hang with you guys.
Starr Crow said…
the vintage picture you threw in is the perfect ending to this post. you guys look like you had the best time. so glad at least one person out there appreciated my mix too! :) isn't that site the greatest though! I realize there are some silly rules, but it's the best thing i've found on the web to borrow full songs. And btw, your comments always bring me ginormous smiles. thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and visit. And to answer your question about that being me home... no, it isn't. it's just a condemned house by the airport that I like to claim as my own. :D
Missa said…
Ok, seriously, do you people ever stop having fun?!

Isn't "Home" just about the most happy-making song there is? Awhile back there was like a week straight where Clover would beg me everyday to put that song on so we could dance around to it :)

And I totally have to second Milla's comment. You're so lucky to be surrounded by such a wonderful and fun-loving group of people!
thank you so much for that playlist. wicked happy music. esp. K'naan - waving flag, love. huge smiles over here. you made my day! xo

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