irresistible and dreamy

i borrowed this little meme from the girl who married a bear and a cup full of sunshine.
i couldn't resist. to think about these things made me daydream and smile.
if i was a month i'd be june
if i was a day of the week i'd be saturday
if i was a time of day i'd be late afternoon
if i was a sea animal i'd be a starfish

if i was a direction i'd be southwest
if i was a piece of furniture i'd be a hammock
if i was a liquid i'd be a river
if i was a gemstone i'd be turquoise

if i was a tree i'd be a cottonwood
if i was a tool i'd be a wooden spoon
if i was a flower i'd be ranunculas
if i was a kind of weather i'd be bright and sunny

if i was a musical instrument i'd be a tambourine
if i was a color i'd be sky blue
if i was an emotion i'd be bliss
if i was a fruit i'd be a mango

if i was a food i'd be pico de gallo
if i was a material i'd be cotton eyelet
if i was a scent i'd be jasmine
if i was a flavor i'd be curry

if i was a sound i'd be a country jamboree in a barn
if i was an element i'd be water
if i was a mammal i'd be a fox
if i was a phase of the moon i'd be full

if i was a berry i'd be thimbleberry
if i was a bird i'd be hummingbird
if i was a book i'd be On the Road
if i was a place i'd be moonshine junkyard

play along if you'd like. it's too fun to resist.
(please click on the pictures to look at the source. my sweet brother matt taught me how to do that!)


Teenysparkles said…
Filling in those blanks creates such beautiful prose don't you think?!
mooncowboy said…
This is a spectacular idea. Thanks for the mention, and glad you got the image-link technology going your way! Your choices for these are SO good: cottonwood, pico, on the road, thimbleberry!, southwest. Great pics, great plan.

I'd be a coyote.
Missa said…
Ha! I just posted this one too! Wasn't it fun to do?

Loved your answers, and just so you know, the tambourine was my alternate instrument ;)
Bridget said…
i love that yellow top or dress, whatever it is, love it!
Caroline said…
All the images you've used are so lovely!
love love love this post!! i might just have to do the same soon ;)
Milla said…
have you ever heard Tori Amos' song bliss. It's dark and moody and wonderful. Bliss is the perfect emotion to be.

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