little pleasures

little joys of april and life:

perfect daisies springing up everywhere

wearing a beloved old square dance dress just for the hell of it for a random trip to folsom with the hub and also trying rachel's hair suggestion (i like it! but it sadly didn't last long, i'm fidgety with hair decor)

and whistling along to alela diane all the way down the hill:
(anyone else find that they whistle nonstop, unconsciously and annoying and until it hurts the lips?!)

homemade banana splits!
(yeah, sent darin to the store with $25 of my tips to get it all. we went all out.
i even toasted  pecans and coconut, my favorite toppings.)

dandelions galore. and sunlight!

these cuties getting cozy: (she's our shy girl daphne and has recently taken to resting on darin's lap. he could not be more pleased.)

and this old old man lounging around in the sun:

looking at my globe to figure out exactly where my friend ryann is heading for her work program this summer, saint john island in the virgin isles!

a random night out for $2.50 PINTS OF PLINEY at brick oven pub. if you like good beer you know what a steal that is. and darts and the makings of a ridiculous documentary.

my favorite chair gifted from my momma, and a closet full of colorful clothes i love.

and loving this sexy little thrifted vintage camisole. yeah! gotta love those moments!

how about you all? favorite little springtime pleasures?


Amy Beatty said…
Those are the perfect pleasures!! I can't believe Darin could eat that on his health kick. Those looked too good. I love your flowers and chair. And am jealous your kitty hasn't warmed up to me, lucky Darin- he gets the sexy lady, cat and ice cream. Just a few days left in April already.
Teenysparkles said…
Wonderful! Happiness abounds! Those are such cute socks you're wearing too.
Anonymous said…
Eating outside is my # 1 Spring pleasure! It's just...lovely. It will be too hot soon to do so, and of course previously it was too cold. You have to enjoy the brief mild period here. I also love being able to wear so many different things because of that mildness. I wore a cardigan today because it was cool and rainy but I'm sure the temp will go back up and I can wear a dress or tank top again soon as I was earlier this month. Variety is nice!

I also love love love being able to have a window or a door open. It just makes everything inside so much airier and fresh. But of course that will only last so long, until it's time for the air conditioning.

One pleasure I'm really looking foward to: the return of the crickets! I miss their song all the rest of the year. That is really almost a Summer thing, but I have to include it because I hold it so dear.
Milla said…
Massive rainbow over our house, as it was raining and shining all at the same time.

Painting my bathroom fire truck red.

Wearing light clothes in the sun, while weeding from around my plentiful, beautiful peas.
Missa said…
Old squaredancing dresses are SO fun, I need to find me a good one!

Well it's all cloudy, cold, and rainy here today. It even hailed this morning! But it's supposed to clear up and turn lovely again soon so I'll be able to get back to running around barefoot and watching our garden spring to life again :)

Oh, and one of my favorite springtime pleasures will be starting up this weekend and I'm so excited. Our local flea market season is finally kicking off... perhaps my perfect squaredancing dress awaits!
Starr Crow said…
oh my goodness Heather, can i please spend the spring with you? i love your beautiful dress and those giant banana splits. dandelions and sunshine. the thought of my two loves napping on the couch (monkey and jake, of course).

just that tiny peek of your closet makes my eyes light up too!

this post made me smile. real, real big.

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