i will never be a neat and tidy person...

i am sort of a ragamuffin.
this is something i have come to accept about myself.

i usually look more like this:
which is to say, pretty much the same as what i looked like straight out of bed.

in high school i was always aware that my hair never looked right and my outfits always seemed sloppy.
even if i had carefully selected my wardrobe for the day it never seemed to look put together.
if i combed or brush my hair, it looked worse and frizzier than when i started.
if i wore slacks or a preppy shirt it felt like i was trying to be something i was not.
i was painfully aware of appearing unkempt.
luckily it was the 90s.

so i generally came to accept and even like the un-put-together look. because no matter how much i might like the look, i can not pull off clean and simple and organized as a design, style or personal aestetic.
all this is just to explain in a characteristically wordy way why i never really post "outfit" shots. i feel too untidy, too raggedy and unorganized. 
but i actually want to. i love clothes, especially vintage clothes.
i wear something different almost every day unless i'm going through an obsessed phase with one particular item.

also i am proud of the fact that i wear almost 100% thrifted clothes.
that's the only real facet of style i care much for. certainly not the cost or value of some expensive designer item or knock-off, but quite the opposite.
i'm all for the tousled, the chaotic, the strange, eclectic, used and worn and carefree and loved.

that being said, here are some outfits i sort of photographed but never posted.
cause i want to get braver and more confident and grow in my personal style.

this was for mallory's japanese food birthday party. i wanted to look like a miyazaki character.
also it may have been the first time i wore dark tights with brown sandals, a look i love but thought i couldn't pull off.
good for me huh, brave!
this was the day we had our first maragaritas of the year in the backyard.
that's why there's a bathing suit under my dress!
this is a new favorite, a little slinky white drop-waist dress i thrifted last week.
i liked how it looked with these toasted coconut cupcakes i made for becky's birthday party.
anything shiny i generally want to dress down, casualize if you will.
but i do indeed love a square neckline.

and here is what i wore today for errands. these taos moccassins are my go-to shoes of the spring, thrifted in point reyes station for $2.75.

but most of all what i love is this little goldenrod sweater that emily gave me last night. she got it from her mom's thrift store.
i love clothing with sweet texture and the color is exactly what i want in my life right now.
i was in the mood for seashells and driftwood, thus this necklace.
the denim skirt i also thrifted at Treasures last week on half off day. it cost $2.00 and has nice deep pockets.
the little green ruffly tank top is Luxe, also thrifted. i am obviously a sucker for ruffles!

so there we have it.
i supposed this is how i introduce myself to the inspiring ranks of the d.i.y style world that i admire so much.

let me know if you have any ideas for me or tidbits or advice or hair tips!


Amy Beatty said…
I love your style!!! I can't believe you didn't want to post those cute pictures. I love the dark tights, the pink sweater and of course that new yellow sweater is amazing. You are the last person who needs fashion help. And I absolutely love those deep pockets in your new skirt. Such great finds. I think I need to hit up the thrift stores more often. I just never go shopping anywhere for me. That is why it such a treat when you guys come, and we can't go without Matt. We always want to go but never do, even if things are just a few bucks, it's still money I don't have.
Teenysparkles said…
You are adorable! And you dress adorab-ly, I love the layering of textures and details.
i think you and i are SOOOO alike! while reading about your hair, how you would comb it and it just got frizzier, it was like you read a page from my book! i too, have adopted the very same 'unkempt' look for the same reasons!
also, you look darn cute in that little white outfit with that fabulous long braid coming down on the side (i can't wait for my hair to grow long enough to braid again).
and...those grandma sweaters (as my friends have been known to call them) are the best. i have such a soft spot for sweaters, maybe too much sometimes. also, i'm jealous of your mocs!! ;)
Jody said…
I LOVE your style, you completely inspire me to be more creative and free with the way I dress. I love your little yellow dress with the embroidery, so cute!!! And the cardigan! Please keep writing about your style, love it!!!!
You my dear have always had style and your hair was and is always beautiful!!! I love all these cute photos and found myself thinking why can't I pull off a look like that...I am more the sweats and t-shirts type of mommy at the moment!
Missa said…
Oh Heather! You are such a cutie pie and I think the ragamuffin element to your style only adds charm :)

You should totally be doing outfit posts, these are such cute outfits. I was just thinking I really need to get me a little pair of moccs for kickin around in this spring and summer too. It seems the cute ones are hanging out in Point Reyes, eh?

As for hair, I always love yours in its many braided forms and that high bun with bangs is super cute on you for a bit more polished look :)

Anyway, I say keep those outfits comin'!
Milla said…
I don't know if I've said it before, but I've been hopin' you'd post more of what you wear. I love your mix-n-match, honest existence, and am thrilled to bits that you're going to let us see this side of it.

I can never do polished, or understated either, I wish I could sometime, but I just can't. So be it. One can still enjoy clothes.

Our hairs must be twins! I'll make sure to think of your hair when I send you your package. I love the side braid you've done, and personally two side braids tied back in a kind of "maiden" -do usually works great for me, when I need to get things neat, pronto.

Now I'll delve into the dearth of posts you've done in the last week that I've missed.

Outfits galore please.
boots said…
haha- what a pretty ragamuffin you are ! thats so funny because i called cute a ragamuffin for some time after we left Jamaica.
your style is beyond cute, every pic i see you look like an angel.
and my hair is naturally curly! can you believe i straighten it daily? but if i straighten daily, i dont have to wash daily, which is a nice break for me- i hate waiting for hair to dry!
Little Lesiw said…
Hey Heather - it's Rachel from Highschool - I agree with everyone that you are FAR from needing any fashion help! It was so funny to read your description of how you interpreted your fashion in HS because I always thought you looked great... and wanted to dress like you! Speaking of dresses, I always thought you had the best ones! :)

And I LOVE your hair - especially when you do the loose single braid (like the in the coconut cupcake photo). If you want to add a little something to it, try taking a long piece of 3/8 inch ribbon and wrap it around your head a couple of times to make a layered headband effect. You can tie it off with a bow - placed where ever you want :) That also looks cute when all the hair is pulled up in a bun or ponytail :) (oh, and if you hate that idea it won't hurt my feelings)
lightwood said…
Hey.. your stylin' is awesome hehe. One of the first blogs I started following on here.. and you are a true thriftie girl - no posing or fakeness in what you wear, which is how it should be, it seems so trendy to pretend these days. I also like the fact that not all your posts are outfit ones - there's a whole lot more going on that what dress I wear today - sadly - but I do love reading about your nature adventures and trips. And thankyou for the kind words in my last post, I'm okay just exhausted!

Keep up the good work :-)


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