Monday, June 29, 2009

cinema caldera

stanny's back! so summer is TOTALLY HERE!
first order of business: start our production company. stan and darin will be making video/film productions for anyone who needs it for events, promotion, or creative endeavors. their company (actually our company, since i am one of the founding associates!) is called Cinema Caldera and the website will soon be up and running! maybe now. we are so excited about this venture.
here is stanny, one of my best friends on this gorgeous green earth, fresh out of film school and ready to rock and roll in his business shirt, taking notes in the backyard. getting ideas, getting inspired, making lists and notes, and making connections!

thursday nights are open mic down at cozmic. we walked down to enjoy the fresh warm summer eve and hung out with some old and new friends and drink some way-too-strong Strong Blondes. here is darin with a new friend, grayson earl, who coincidentally also just graduated from film school at UC, darin and RICHARD our amazing Ghanaian friend who brightens this town and our lives every time we meet.
Stan and Joey down at the river. These two are rock-skipping champs. seriously. and when they get together, well...the rocks fly and the competition soars.
here is stan's rock skipping, oh, about twelve to thirteen times across the river.
you aint never seen rock skipping like these good old boys.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

batik attack

darin and i found these matching hand-sewn batik outfits at the thrift store the other day for $1.50 apiece. not sure when we'll actually wear them out, but i thought they were pretty fabulous.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

buncha crazies at the county fair

Year after year, the El Dorado County Fair never changes much. Cheesy pop singers, plastic cups of Bud Light, Aerosmith on the gravitron, the rattly old Zipper, roasted ears of corn, weird wizard fortune telling machines, corn dogs, cotton candy, frothy lemonade, goats, cows, hay, hypnotists, Wranglers, bubbles in the air, the slight smell of puke everywhere, mixed with chewing gum, coca cola, cigarettes and farm animals. You gotta love it.

Darin, Joey, Emma and I in the photo booth, 11:30 pm. And our new end-of-the-night friend, the photo booth guy Chris. He showed us his own pictures for an example and this was his "bad ass" exhibit. He says you gotta be a bad ass in life. But he was really a total softie and only 18 years old, working 9 months in a row to help take care of his baby nephew. We talked to him for a long time and then I asked for his pictures and he gladly gave them to me!
Britney and Ronen having ice cream. She had to hold it for him because he broke his thumb earlier in the day mountain biking, poor Ronen! Couldn't let that keep him from the county fair!Joey and Em in front of the ferris wheel, my favorite. Classic.
Darin in the goat pen, our faves.

A kid named William from Brandywine Farms let me hold this baby goat. These are Nigerian Dwarf Goats, the kind I want to own one day. They give a lot of milk and love to eat blackberry brambles. Not to mention they're impossibly to-die-for cute and they make me swoon.

more Nigerian Dwarf Goats

and here's William, the little expert. This kid was a fountain of knowledge. That's the best thing about the fair: you get to meet people who are shining at doing something they love to do.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

river day

yesterday a big group of us hiked down to the cosumnes river
at buck's bar on the way out to somerset.

mikie set up this group shot with his camera and had to swim over to us in ten seconds!

here we are, left to right: martin, dan trudeau, zack and rebecca, darin and me, joey and emily, stan and lesley, and mikie! nick savino also arrived a few minutes after this and then on our way back up we met addie and art on the trail, finally on their way to meet us but a little (waaayyy)too favorites are always the polaroids. here's me, em, and lesley:mikie and rebecca doing yoga on the rock:this one i took on accident. i was going to set up the timer and do the group shot with the polaroid but then instead of closing it i took a picture(and it was my last one)!
oh well...kind of a cool shot of darin and the rock tip: since we didn't have any children with us (sylvan) for a change we were able to go to some spots that are a little more difficult to reach. we did have to scale some rocks and slide through some steep narrow canyons but it felt like adventure so we were cheerful about it and it landed us at the waterfall spot where the guys jumped off rocks.

here's my honey having a grand ol time: i like the sequence of these pictures of him:

fofe, about to jump in: mikie....LEAD ON BROTHER!
dan tru, swimming exuberantly:

Zack likes to hang out with the girls!STAN and LES photo essay:

happy to be here.
this water is pure bliss
sun worship takes place here:

yoga classes take place HERE:mermaids:
Strong Men:
and finally, the group shot where Migsy doesn't quite make it!

Monday, June 15, 2009

tidbits's my life right now.

darin is totally in love with camilla (the kitten). and she had to be spayed today and get shots. poor baby, but she's doing fine.

here they are, most cozy.

we're on a diet. i'll go ahead and REFRAIN from any visual aid to illustrate. we're just trying to be healthier, that's all.

i am working on drawing a map of our neighborhood but it feels much more magical to walk it. i want to make a map of my dreamlands.

i constantly wonder this:
what should i do with a Masters in literature?

i made a june playlist which i am totally in love with. it's jolly and lovely. there's this song called "singing to the earth" by apollo sunshine that is so perfect for my days. wish i knew a way to share it here.

we're going to our favorite JUNE river spot (this changes depending on the time of summer): buck's bar on wednesday with a nice group of friends. come join us!

sat on the patio tonight at gringo's under colored lights and drank a beer with my lovely ones.

pops even came and we got real dorky and had a couple laugh attacks and some dorky photo sessions.

oh and by the way, bandini is not home yet but we've heard of sightings and we've done a lot of wild goose chasing. we haven't actually seen the little rogue ourselves yet and all we can do is hope.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sewing with Momma

The days are cloudy and cool for June so I'm forced into finding other amusements besides the river and sun worship.

Addie and I met at Mom's to do some sewing. We are each making a very simple little dress with a band around the top of the chest and a ruffle at the bottom by the knees. I am using vintage fabrics of patchwork (you can see in the polaroid) and polka dot. I'm pretty terrible at sewing but with Mom's expert help I think it will turn out cute!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Bandini is still missing.

We have scoured the neighborhood, putting up posters and giving out color flyers with pictures of him and our phone number.

Everyone around here is being really nice and trying to be helpful, but still no sign of him. A lot of neighbors claim to have seen a smallish orange kitty (sometimes they say orange and white) and a few different people have reported he has a hurt cheek.

But we have not glimpsed him and he does not answer our calls.

The interesting thing about all this is we have walked the streets of our neighborhood repeatedly and have gotten to know it fairly intricately. There are no straight lines around here, the streets curve and continue and weave through the hills, and a stone's throw away is a different neighborhood. There are little apartment buildings tucked at the end of hidden roads, and houses with big decks where lots of cats eat for free, and abandoned homes with unlocked doors and unfinished projects.

It's kind of haunting, and we love how there are all sorts of nooks and crannies: lots of big backyards, creeks flowing through, giant trees, blackberry bushes and other shrubbery, hills and ivy and terraces and pine trees and manzanita. It is a cat's playground.

We start to get the feeling that at night the neighborhood comes alive like a Miyazaki film, with cats strange and wonderful parading through the streets and yards.

There are hundreds of cats in our near vicinity, but so far none of them are Banj.

So that's my update. Last night we had a poker night at our house but Em and I couldn't really get into it, although we tried.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

please come home BANDINI!

we miss our boy so much. he has been missing for three days and nights now and we are worried sick. look at this little orange lump of LOVE!

we ALL love to cuddle with him. he is such a beam of sunshine in our household every day

adventurous explorer, always interested in whatever is going on around him

he tends to fall asleep ANYWHERE

with the new baby kitten...maybe he got jealous but he was sure starting to be sweet to her!

curious always
the BEST snuggler on earth. you've never met a cat who likes to snuzzle like this.