the Addie Dresses, File 1

being pregnant is so much fun.
i am determined to be creative while getting dressed; like i mentioned before i am trying not to contribute to the consumerist wheel of pregnancy and also to not really even wear "maternity" clothes.
these last few weeks i've had a great time dressing to accommodate my belly as she really sprouts!
my sis sent over a whole pile of dresses from her own personal collection that she thought might work well for my growing belly.

it was so fun, like getting a temporary new wardrobe! 
addie has really cute style, often mixing flowy vintage pieces with stylish boots and headbands. or sometimes throwing in a little pinch of punk rock. or just giving it a little something all hers alone, like a fanny pack, 90's sundress, knee socks, layers.

26 weeks pregnant last week, in a pretty bohemian dress from addie:

this little baby is still my number one.

it is really hard. you're not supposed to pay too much attention to your beloved pets while you're pregnant, in order to start getting them ready for the decreased attention they'll inevitably get when baby comes. but i love them so much and when i'm home with them my life revolves around them. oh well. i am going to try to make the transition as smooth as possible.

#2 dress borrowed from addie. 
she wore this one to my mom's wedding last year, it's kind of funny to see how different it looked on her than me now!

27 weeks pregnant this week:

but those cute pleats on the front are oddly perf for a preggert belly!

couple of pregnancy updates: my little skin rash went away after just a couple days (it is a yearly thing i get and usually lasts a few weeks or more, so i guess....thanks again, pregnancy!)

and i have felt my little butterfly moving more than ever this past week! nice strong little kicks and tap dances, and both darin and addie have been able to feel her too. i am so proud. 

it's been kinda cold round these parts! and i am growing out of all my tights and leggings, so some nice warm sunshine will be much appreciated!

check out the cute vintage daisy lace trim on this dress. 

thanks sweeties for stopping by, and a big thanks to addie for the fun pile of goodies!

outfit #1:
dress: vintage, borrowed from sis
boots: vintage, gift from carolann
earrings: gift from darin's mom
scarf: thrifted

outfit #2:
dress: vintage, borrowed from ade
earrings: etsy
hat: thrifted last week, $1
mustard sweater: vintage, thrifted, also worn here
tights: target last year
shoes: thrifted


you are seriously gorgeous, lady. i love every thing about everything. and the shoes. jeezus, beezus and ramona, those are amazing.
Jennifer D said…
I need you to be my stylist!
Ilaria Ruggeri said…
Hi, I have been reading your blog for a few days. Your life stories, you style and your pregnancy give me very good feelings.
I do admire you for how you managed your infertility years! Amazing!!!
Sailor Purrs said…
Serious lovely yellow vibes. Pitter patter. xo
Violet Folklore said…
Super sweet! You & Adie both have the best wardrobes! I love watching your belly grow Heather; you're the picture of a healthy, glowing mama.
AdieSpringB said…
Oh hun you are too flipping cute
Miss Claire said…
Oh sisterly love! You do look stunning in those frocks...there's nothing quite as beautiful as a pregnant belly and I love watching yours grow :) xxxx
Bridget said…
Sooo cute! Love them both
Tera said…
ENJOY THE BELLY! and the wardrobe!!!! I am going to miss my belly. I wasn't lucky enough to ever find anything at thrift stores that would fit and missed out on the whole super cute wardrobe thing. XO
Milla said…
Oh Heather, I'm so bummed that you and Darin can't be here SOON (when o when can I talk movies with dear Darin?!!!) BUT I am super stoked that you've been able to take it easy and enjoy your staycation. You know me, being a homebody I adore and respect staying home and now if ever ya'll need to rejoice your sweet surroundings. Mama, Papa and Baby are very welcome to visit us anytime AND I will see you soon anyways. May is just around the corner! Whee!

It's so nice to see your radiant pregnant self, and I'm glad you got your move and groove back, I bet everyone in your circle has been missing party Heather quite a bit. It's nice to see Addie too. She looks lovely as ever.I adore that shot of Addie, Darin and you.

Kissa says hi to your kitties and don't believe the hype, you have plenty of love to give to Babies and Cats. You're practically brimming with it.

With all of mine,
Nichole said…
love both of these! i think my favorite accessory is your glow.
Nichole said…
love both of these! i think my favorite accessory is your glow.
Missa said…
I think you just might have the cutest pregnancy style ever lady! There's definitely an art to it and how cool of Addie to help you expand your "palette" :)
Celynne said…
Both those dresses look great on you! I'm amazed that 2nd dress manages to look amazing on both of you haha, it's like magic how it made your belly fit.

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