Sunday, July 26, 2009

guess what? it's my new fave.

Okay, just barely brand SPANKIN new and getting up off the ground to a FULL TILT RUNNING START is our beloved film and video production company, Cinema Caldera.

Best news of all, there is a blog on the website and everyone should read it. My dear and brilliant hub Darin wrote the first real blog showcasing his passion for films, amazing directors, and art.

Check it out here: Cinema Caldera blog

Here we are at the backyard celebration on Wednesday, the day we got our BUSINESS LICENSE! Just pretty darn excited to be alive, as you can see.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Angora Lakes polaroids

Addie, Artie and I took a little jaunt up to Tahoe to meet up with Dad, Matt, Amy and the whole Smith family for some fun at beautiful Angora Lakes.

Because my digital camera BROKE after Friday night, I was only able to take Polaroids, which Addie and I are calling "roids" much to Art's chagrin.

Here is the first, Addie and Art at coffee in Pollock Pines at a little place most amazingly named: Pony Espresso. Gotta love it, plus they serve Naked coffee which is to die for. We had a gorgeous drive up to Tahoe and then got befittingly lost on our way to the hidden jewel of Angora Lakes.They keep this place tucked away up on the ridge, you have to walk a mile to get there from a parking lot at the end of an unmarked road. Despite that fact it seems to get busier and busier all the time. Every other year the wonderful and massive Smith family converges here!
Here I am with my sister in law, Amy and her sister Glory. They are practically twinnies, the way they talk and smile and bounce around when they get excited. ADORABLE and inspiring with their energetic and happy-go-lucky approach to life.And here's Addie with amy and another Smith sister, Jenny on the left.
This was sisters' heaven!Amy and Matt with their baby Orion.
Basically, they're models.

Pops, the kids call him "Papa" with Bella in the lake.
She is a good little swimmer and she LOVES her papa!
There's a little lodge with cute little things like handmade crafty items, maps of the area, Smoky the Bear teeshirts, and best of all HOMEMADE POPSICLES. Here i am enjoying my grape-lemonade wormpop, that is, it has a delicious lil gummy worm stuck inside! YUM!
By the way, not sure if you can tell but somehow this roid came out with tiny specks of light all around my face and head. anyone know why?
i like to think they're summer fairies.
Driving back to Fallen Leaf Lake campground, Matt just held Oey on his lap. cuties. We got to stop and enjoy the view along the way, which is absolutely breath-taking! I feel so lucky that this is all almost in my own backyard. Just a hop skip jump away.

We all met for dinner at Baja Fresh in Tahoe.
Here's Jarom, my oldest nephew, full of spunk and smarts, with his friend and the oldest of the 26 (YES 26!!) Smith grandkids, Grant, Glory's son. It is so fun for them to grow up with TONS of cousins all around the same age to play with.
Look at these handsome little devils!

We had such a nice day at Angora Lakes, surrounded by loving and wonderful people and swimming in that perfect water.
Maybe next time I'll actually jump off one of the cliffs. (a small one!)

Monday, July 20, 2009


Friday night karaoke at Powells was a real winner, let me just say.

addie says it truly kicked off summer...our summers last a longggg time around here, so don't worry. we're still in for a lot more of this.


here we are, the beattys. in BACKWARDS stairstep order: joey, mikie, matt, me, and addie.also, second most important: CarolAnn was in town! here's a picture that shows her enjoying the glory of downtown walks to karaoke night. unfortunately i missed this part, having had to work and coming from work smelling of sweat, bleach and fries, yikes.ALSO very important: a bunch of Smith sisters came! Look at these radiant beauties who are sort of my relatives through my sister-in-law, Matt's wife Amy. I kept wanting to cry that Amy wasn't there because she was exhausted, home asleep, and missing out on her own sisters' night out on the town which is just the sort of thing she loves's cutie Dolly joining Fofe in a little Cake vivacity: "he's racing and pacing and plotting the course. he's fighting and biting and riding on his horse. he's going the distance, he's going for SPEED."here's a buncha cuties: joey, emily, cameron and migs singing god knows what. wish i had a pic of mikie singing Tenacious D's "best song in the WAH-HORLD"meanwhile stan held conferences at the front table with various unruly associates such as these.this was matt's big entrance. the MOMENT he entered through that door everyone rushed him on the stage where his old bandmates matt trudeau and joey were singing a nice lil' Blink 182 (?) number for him to join in on.
Robot the Boy reunion!!!beattys are blessed with good lovers. here are two.
and here's mine on the left. even though we were in a tiff that night, i can't help noticing how DAMN HOT he is. adam and martin are to the right and they are pretty cute too.addie and em singing with SO MUCH PASSION YOU COULD TIE IT IN A KNOT IN THE AIR. a love ballad, perhaps "making love out of nothing at all"another important detail, KAITLYN WEBER in town just being plain old ADORABLE with molly. it was a reunion night of sorts, just the way i like em.artie with his gals. agghh it was a fine old time.i'll leave you with this, my favorite pic of the night. i mean c'mon.
check this out. oh matt you amaze me. come be with us MORE OFTEN!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

my etsy

i am pleased as punch to finally have some of my vintage dresses for sale on etsy!

here's the link if you want to check them out: moonshine junkyard

best of all are my beautiful models (SO FAR): addie, amy and sisters!! other sister/friends are coming soon. dressing them up and posing them is by far my favorite thing about having at etsy. no excuses or anything, but you can guess why the pictures of ME are so much worse: darin took them and he doesn't know how to make a girl and a dress SHINE in photos.

also, guest appearances by my darling niece and nephew. i hope that's not against the etsy world rules. i am totally flying by the seat of my pants on this thing.

love to you hot summer world out there!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


i went on an amazing little journey --sola -- all by myself! partially inspired by my brother mikie who loves to go places and take little trips alone, and partially inspired by my old self who dreamed of a solitary cross country road trip. nowadays the biggest part of me is much more fond of trips with loved ones and friends especially when you have well-matched traveling partners like darin and i. it is one of the greatest blessings to find someone who is good-natured and adventurous to travel with, who doesn't mind stopping four or five times in as many hours to go to the bathroom or get diet coke and candy, who likes to explore ruins and check out historical markers and will sleep (almost) anywhere and hike and swim on a whim.

but that is all beside the point. back to my sola journey. the first part is top-secret information and reserved for a later post. but the next day was when, for the first time since i can remember, i went to the beach alone!

i found this cozy little pocket of perfect dreamy beach called BEAN HOLLOW. if you know me, you know why i love that name.

all by myself with that glorious sun and water, a staggering book that I finally finished (The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolano) and my journal and camera, of course.

ode to beach towns.

ended up in my new home-away-from-home, santa cruz, home of my brother mikie and his adorable lady candice and a bunch of other funlovingcrazypants like these:

happy hour in the Red Room -- oh it is happy alright.

next we headed to santa cruz mountain brewing company for yummy organic brews, dog-petting, and interesting conversations with cyclists and beer afficionados.

we ended up gallivanting around the Boardwalk for cheap thrills:
Monday and Tuesday nights are called "1907 Nights" and everything costs 75 cents


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

almost famous

I'm excited to report that one of my favorite bloggers, the wily and wondrous Carolyn from Team Boo posted my summer video! It's part of her creativity-enhancement-endeavor known as Project Boo, an idea I love.

If you want to check it out go here.

In other news, I was just back in Santa Cruz again last night and for the record, my hair only looks good by the ocean.

Friday, July 10, 2009

why i love my backyard

i recently learned how to mow the lawn. well, i'll admit it didn't take much learning, more just doing. anyway i now love mowing my lawn - it soothes the soul. so i'm trying to bring my poor grass back to health and lately things are summery and pretty and i am in my backyard all day sometimes and i just love it.
for many reasons. look how pretty this is.

and this

this is SO NICE, addie calls it margaritaville

these are new this year and the hummingbirds of course love it plus i feel like i'm in costa rica

this stuff just appears out of nowhere to brighten our world

and of course there's always these
and him
and these guys merrily traipsing through!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

stand still like the hummingbird


i rescued a baby hummingbird. i got to hold him in my hand.
pure magic.
(and by the way, yes i stayed in my bathing suit all day and never left the house till nighttime) i found him outside by the rug next to my back door, lying there death-like. but as i gently scooped him up, his eyes were open and heart fluttering. my darling cat daphne was right nearby but i don't think she caught him. i think he stunned himself against the window.
i was home alone. i called pops to come over immediately with a birdcage and i also called a woman who works for Sierra Wildlife and rehabilitates hummingbirds. but she wasn't home and i had to leave a message.
meanwhile the poor little guy was in my craft room, flying toward the ceiling but then landing abruptly on the bookshelf or sliding into my printer. i was frantic.
i tried to make a nest for him in a box but he seemed more comfy in my hand.
darin got home too and with his and dad's help i fed him a little bit of hummingbird nectar. it was so amazing to watch that minute litte tongue darting out hungrily to sip it all up.
my tiny friend.
i bet you never knew hummingbirds were so fuzzy and round.
that's what makes me think he was just a baby.
poor little lost boy.
the wildlife people called me back and said if he was moving his wings and showing signs of upward flight i could release him back in the wild. after spending an hour and a half with him, i gathered up all my cats into the house, locked them in my room, and carried the sweet hummingbird outside and put him in this tree:

and moments later he FLEW AWAY. with that pure frenetic hummingbird energy, away over the rooftop and into the sky. i truly hope he found his nest and family again and that he keeps going for a long time. they are really very fragile. but he was such a luminous and vibrant little creature and i feel blessed to have been so close to a hummingbird.

no wonder pablo neruda wrote a poem for them.

here are the last few lines of "Ode to the Hummingbird":

You are the seed

of the sun,






petal of silenced races,


of buried blood,


of the ancient



Tuesday, July 7, 2009

two years under the moonshine

here's a little video i made about our anniversary trip. we had so much fun, a ridiculous amount of fun. well, see for yourself...

Monday, July 6, 2009


darin and i took a little anniversary trip to monterey bay area and big sur and we miss it already. it was incredibly refreshing to get away and have a bunch of different experiences that included:

gallivanting around the santa cruz beach boardwalk riding rides with mikie and candice:and ducking into the arcade for some skee ball and photo booths:
staying in a wonderful little tent cabin at fernwood
having our morning coffee in a shady redwood nook with begonias and
ferns and succulents all around us:

finding gorgeous Pfeiffer Beach to hang out on for hours and finding caves and starfish and crabs

these are just my scanned-in photos of our trip.more photos and a little video is on its way!