southern california wedding weekend

First off, here's one reason why i might sometimes actually LOVE weddings: the new trend of having photo booths is way too fun. darin and i did four shoots.SO - here i am taking off on my road trip to los angeles for darin's brother's wedding. Darin had taken the train down Tuesday to hang out with Dave and to help out and do odd groomsmen jobs. So I got to take a little trip alone and Friday was the perfect day for driving fast down I-5 thinking about CA love, drinking diet coke with sun pouring in my window and singing along at the top of my lungs to joni mitchell and beyonce and all the other girlie stuff i crave at moments like this.

Here we are, my sweetie and i at Dave and Ashley's wedding Saturday which was at a gorgeous location called Villa Del Sol D'Oro at the foot of the Sierra Madre mountains.Celebrating the new couple, dare i say: Mr. and Mrs. David Coelho (what's with THAT anyway? sorry ladies, you lose. no more identity. you're now just the missus. and yet it is still sort of strangely and masochistically cute) Poppa and Hazel came all the way from Las Cruces New Mexico in style! This is Darin's grandfather from his dad's side, a true Portuguese and a dashing gent who knows how to make a lady feel like a lady. Everyone says Darin is the spitting image of his poppa but I'm a tad unconvinced. Although they are both equally adorable.The couple back at the hotel, the stunningly gorgeous Langham. By the way, i don't care if i sound like a country bumpkin, i despise valet parking. It felt like they were stealing my car and I had to pay them $25 to do so!
Anyway, more importantly, Look How They Shine!Darin tells a tale through pictures:

The BROTHERS! All four of them together: Darin, Sinjin, Dave and Dylan; it's a rare treat and I think it is safe to say that they all enjoyed it thoroughly.
And one of the reasons why I might actually sometimes LOVE L.A. From this cheery street vendor I bought a plastic bag of delicious freshly chopped up watermelon, jicama, cantalope, cucumber, mango and pineapple sprinkled with fresh lime juice and chili. And I accidentally ate every last bit of it on the way home. sorry tummy.
Road trips with my wonderfully wry and adorable husband are really much more fun than when I'm alone. Oh, except maybe when I'm really hungover, but see that In-n-Out behind us? Sometimes french fries are the perfect morning-after food!


so much fun and i love the polaroid pics and the photo booth ones too! i also went to a wedding this weekend, love is in the air!
mooncowboy said…
What a perfectly wonderful weekend, filled with love, music, photos and road trip!!! I'm sure you also danced the night away! Sounded like you had a nice little get away. I love the picture of all the boys and the ones of you and Darin. Glad you are home safe. It is always fun to enjoy new cities, but coming home is always a refreshing treat. Love you xo amy xo

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