my proud moment, aka I AM MASTER (BEATTY)

nothin left to do but smile, smile, smile...

Alright, can I just take a minute to be completely self-absorbed?

Okay, thanks, here goes...

my big proud moment; i got special recognition from Dr. Madden for graduating *with Honors* but by the picture you might think my "special" recognition had something to do with me being a special needs student:

calming myself down a bit in order to pose with some of my incredible professors Dr. Toise and Dr. Sweet:
and Dr. Lee-Keller

then, back home to my party, here are my decorations (thanks to em and noel):
AND a bright bouquet of spring flowers my mom brought for me:
AND my cake from rebecca: (okay maybe you're catching on. it wasn't just MY party. it was art's birthday too. thus, smART cake. together we got the royal treatment, so from here on out I'll drop all the obnoxious mine.mine.mines and sticks with OURS)

in fact, here we are in all our glory, sporting enviable party hats ala emily. i also had a dramatic "grad" pendant in rich grass green. gotta love garish party kitsch! the gorgeous rose petal raspberry punch which addie made for our party:

our soybean plant-gifts carefully personalized and presented by ashley and eric.
our homemade button flair, also carefully personalized, presented by the lovelies noel and emily. mine has the words to the last unicorn on the back. art's has a line from jeepster i believe.our delicious pico de gallo, crafted by artie and carried out by noel. a party takes a village.happy as a lark, sporting all my new jewelry, homemade gifts from the girlies. how i love those two!
happy party-goers:

christy came! (tho she couldn't get ma boyz to show up!)noel charming the pants off the hubs:shorties:our long lost wanderer! kaitlyn's home from london!sometimes you just look around at so much joy and beauty and go, damn!my enthusiastic support team:

after being showered with so much love and appreciation, i really did begin to feel rather like a spoiled and pampered queen. so much so that somehow i absconded back to my bedroom, turned on my fan, snuggled with my cat, and, still wearing all my hoopla, fell promptly asleep hours before anyone else!

thanks all you wondrous folks for helping me celebrate this landmark of my life!


Brooke said…
Hey! Yes I do remember you. That is funny you just happened to run into my blog. Very small world. Thank you for all of the compliments... I think Parker is adorable too. Don't be a stranger.
Amy Beatty said…
Heather you have always been special and always will be!! I love your party ( and Arts). Looks like you guys had a ball!

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