amy sol

i am in love with amy sol's art. when i see these, i want to float away on a tiny wispy cloud and land in a magic forest with great soft dream-creatures that fly over treetops and i will live in a fairy's treehouse with pockets full of kittens and panda bears and butterflies and books.

and also, i will build a little raft of cedarwood and lilypads to go down to the sea, and visit with mermaids and wild rushes and riverfish and whale pups. i will gather foxglove and gingeroot and hyacinth, and black currants for snacks and i will rescue fallen owls who will teach me to fly.

i will travel light.
to see and rhapsodize more, go here:


Amy Beatty said…
Wow Heather. I was beginning to think you forgot that you ever had a blog. Where did you find Amy sol? I like the baby butterfly she was holding and the baby pandas on her back. It reminds me of all the mommas and big sisters in Ghana. I would love a raft out of cedar. Maybe you could help me hint to Matt that one of these B-day, mothers day, V-day- when ever that I would love a hope box- cedar chest! I want a nice big one to keep at the foot of my bed! One of my favorite memories is going through my moms cedar chest. We pulled everything out so carefully one at a time. Everything had a lovely little story and I loved the aroma. When ever I get a whiff of cedar I'm always transported back to my mothers warm cozy room kneeling in front of that chest beside her.
Adie B said…
Bun....this art is so beautiful, I just went to her art site. Wow!

I am glad you found my new blog! Yes, I know, blogging is pretty fun even though often narcissistic and dorky- and I am sorry I was so weird in Provo about Rock Star Diaries because really that lovely lady is the one who got me inspired. I am sure she is probably an absolute doll in real life and though she may shop at Bloomingdales.....a sworn enemy!......I don't give a hoot. One of the hard things about writing on Windows To Green is I would wake up and think.....what the heck am I supposed to write about right now? Even though ideas are swarming almost always, when I would sit down to write I would go blank. Since the coffee and audio one are so blatantly already daily makes it so easy! And I do love going through other people's blogs.....and being creative with photos and seeing other inspiring ideas on sewing and crafts and food and I just want to be inspiring someone else in my own little ways. I think I might show pics of my garden sprouting and such...but most of those might go on Windows To Green. Cause the Coff and Audio one is mainly for tidbits, not long drawn out blogs like I am used to posting.

Love you bun, let's start a revolution!~
Momma said…
Heather, this whimsical art is lovely. Just my style. Wish I could visit that sweet, rosy fairyland. Guess I'll go there in my dreams! So glad you can write again after all that studying and reading. I'm so looking forward to many new stories to read from you. Love you so much honey, Momma

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