Oh how i love thee summer, for so many reasons
Road trips with Darin:
Going to the river:Spontaneous dance parties:Backyard barbecues with all the friends:Backpacking trips:Sleeping outside:
My little swimming pool:

Walking down to Cozmic Cafe for a beer and some live music:
Going to Marco's Cafe for a beer and some live music:Bocce ball games:Going to the river again:
Backyard music shows:

Making great food with all the girls:

my favorite summer treat by far, Mexcian coconut popsicles:

Family adventures, like this hiking trip down to Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon:

Summer reading, especially (of course!) at the river

Jumping and flying into the gorgeous summer world!

AHHH SUMMERTIME! It is the time of life and exuberance...the time of year that everyone comes together to dance and go in the back of old trucks to the look-out tower at the top of the mountain, the time that everyone hikes down to the river almost every day and then goes to FreshMex after, then back to my house for a little dance party. Night swimming. The way it feels when birds are calling out as the sun comes up and I am riding my bike to an early morning shift, 5 a.m. The Farmers' Market, fresh Indian food and baskets of lettuce and cucumbers and nectarines and bouquets of red and orange zinnias. Tan skin. Full moon parties. LOVE LIFE!


Brooke said…
Summer is amazing!! I too love sleeping outside and funny enough my favorite treat is indeed a Mexican Coconut Popsicle! Everyone else in my family hates them. Which river do you go to?
hey brooke, a fellow "paleta de coco" appreciator! i love it!

we go to both the cosumnes and the american rivers. the cosumnes (out in somerset and the grizzly flat area) is so gorgeous and perfect this time of year and into late june. the american is freezing (well both are) but gets even more perfect later in the summer.

my favorite spot is the one we are at in the picture of 5 people laughing: my brothers joey and mikie, myself, and our friend stan and his cousin emily. there is a rock to jump off that is not too high and not too low and i am teaching myself to dive backwards!
geez life is good.
your blog has stoked my ever burning summer fire......
hope to have many pleasant run-ins with you in the sun and in the shade, like two happy butterflies sharing a nectar filled flower.
Momma said…
That was wonderful Heather. You nailed it perfectly. Summer in a blog! Beautiful, Beautiful pictures. What memories you are making for a lifetime of Summer Love!! I love you precious girl!!
Marya said…
this makes me so homesick!!
AdieSpringB said…
Oh man. Seems so short ago. So short.

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