My Professor

The other thing I am insanely inspired by today is my professor, Doug Rice. I have been taking his film class this semester on the French New Wave, as you can probably tell by my list of favorite things to the right. The way this man discusses film and writing and art take the breath out of my lungs and flies me up into the circussy air of an imaginative wild land.

Here are some quotes from him or his own inspirations:

"The more we speak the less words seem to mean."

"I is an Other." (originally from Rimbaud, as performed in Vivre Sa Vie)

"Your being changes through the act of writing."

"You get to choose what you want to think about, and through this choice you come into being."

Doug Rice addresses the REAL questions of being in the world: the things we should really be thinking about when we go to college and supposedly educate ourselves. He says that if you are really learning in college, (or anywhere) your brain should hurt, you should be overwhelmed by things to think about, you should be bleeding out the ears . You should create a new praxis, examine the world around you and not just blindly consume in the Hollywood style. "You don't have to believe the hype," Rice declares, "What they want you to think have the choice and one of the most profound thing people can do is make choices."

You have Godard films!


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