memorial weekend madness

we are lucky enough that our good friends scott and gary work at the infamous Poor Reds which never changes (except the jukebox gets better) and which people travel from all over to visit. so we got to close down the bar with them sunday night and, once again, we had WAY too much fun.

addie kicked off the night by starting to cry with nostalgia (you can see the tears running down her nose) when the dixie chicks' "cowboy take me away" came on and so em and i gave her some sweet sweet cowgirl love: which made us all very happy.

and that turned addie's mind to dancing, so she grabbed the nearest partner:

and she and joey whirled around that narrow little space that has seen so much craziness:

and then we all joined in on the dancefest: while artie posed - sexy?- for the camera our friend gary reminds us of joey in ten years.
and scott sowa, apparently the only one actually working here,
who is going to have a brand new baby girl in about a week!
without my little updates, maybe you'd never suspect life could be so rip-roaringly fun in good old el dorado county, singing and dancing like maniacs with the same people you've known and loved for years!


Momma said…
You guys look like you had so much fun! Wish I could have gone. That's the cowgirl spirit. You all look wonderful, and course Joey's my cutie. 22 years old now - What happened!
AdieSpringB said…
CRIKE the good ol days

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