we could stay gold

Ahhhh FALL. We appear to be having a real fall this year, just in case anyone wondered how I was doing with my dry-September-ennui. Well, I'm doing pretty darn wonderfully. Our weather has cooled and we've had a couple rains, which also helped put out the massive raging King Fire that burned almost 100,000 acres of our gorgeous wild forest land just northeast of here.

Right in time for the equinox I took my first trip to Apple Hill of the season. Both girls fell asleep in the car, and my dad waited with them while I bought a caramel apple and a bag of various types of apples. Then he took a turn and came back with kettle corn and apple doughnuts. By then Polly had awoken so we hung out in the orchard letting her enjoy the afternoon and the one-on-one attention.

She points and waves all the time now. She gets so excited to see new things and point at them. Papa just gets a huge kick out of everything my babes do!

It was still in the 80s that day so I wore this outfit. The boots came off and an apron went on when I baked an apple pie later. My mom told me with my plaid shirt and high waisted shorts I looked like a 50's housewife, which I enjoyed. 

Apple pie makings.

Tootie woke up from her nap eager to help. Turns out she likes pie dough as much as her mama and aunt Addie, and kept sneaking another "tiny yil' piece." 

The first day of fall was also the night of our biweekly movie night. Sylvan starts us all out with stretch at 6:15. He plays loud music and everybody gets pretty into it.

Scott and Penelope bring popcorn and beer, I bring salad and some sort of dessert. Lucy calls it alternatively a "pajama party"  (even though so far Penelope is the only one who remembers to wear her jammies)  or a "Popcorn party." 

Rebecca is in school Tuesday nights so Zack and Sylvan are on their own. So far Zack has created some pretty impressive pizzas.

This week our movie was Wallace and Grommit: The Case of the Were-Rabbit. A lot of times the adults end up in the other room chatting but this time everybody was pretty glued.

It seems each season is better than the last and I have a feeling this is going to be the best fall ever. It's starting with the perfect feeling. A glass of red wine and the new Leonard Cohen, the sweetest sweetest ache in my heart. Guess what September? I think I love you.

(september's SECOND rain!)


Heidi Ann said…
Oh, wasn't the rain wonderful!? I have been longing to go to Apple Hill, and I think I will make it up there the next time I come over to Placerville. I loved reading about your trek up the hill , your apple pie, movie night, and especially little "Tootie" and her wanting yet another "tiny yil' piece" of her mama's pie crust!
Milla said…
Man, I'm so so glad you got to enjoy september, my favorite month, there, with rain, apples and all <3 I've had a whirlwind time of it, but thankfully these last few days of it are pure gold, with crafts, kitchen and rain and sun. So happy to see your family and lovely self enjoying these delights. Love you!
Amy Beatty said…
awwwww it just makes me want to cry!! fall is bursting with love this year. I can't get over my joy that the fire is no longer out of control and I can't wait to see you all this weekend if only for a moment it will be pure heaven like all these here pictures!! I'm going to have to stop at apple hill on my way out of town or maybe even on the way into town!!! love you and those sweet bundles - papa included :))
Tera said…
Oh how I want to try one of those apple donuts, my oh my! I love Polly's expressions, they are so familiar to me in a way :) I can't believe how big girl Lucy is. It must be quite a feeling to have the energy of a fire that large end. Relief. I remember the summers of triple digits here in Austin and how we had 90 days or so of triple digit weather, once September came, and the temps lowered into the 80's there was an amazing surge of energy and the whole city just felt on the same page...joy. More joy to you!!!!
anne said…
nice! love the rain dancing!

our family loves that movie. entertainment for all ages :)
Teeny said…
IS THAT A CARAMEL APPLE????? I've never ever seen or heard of one before, but I love caramel and I love apples!!!! I feel slightly put out that I've never had one. Oh America, I love your version of Fall, that of my childhood TV shows. Heather the seasons are always presented equally and fairly in turn on your blog, with something to love about each one. Heee! I love the photo of you dancing. xo
mary said…
there is so much fall goodness here, and leonard cohen and a glass of wine sounds so good i can't wait for evening. but really, i can't decide what's more delish...those little fingers nipping at the pie crust, or DONUTS. mmmm. donuts.

i thought of you when our rainbow storm passed through, and i hoped p-ville was quenching it's thirst. maybe we were dancing in the rain at the same time? xoxo
Cel said…
Your father reminds me of my grandpa, they both have that warm glow of goodness around them. And those apple doughnuts look so good! Sweet to see your little one helping in the kitchen :) My mother baked a lot when I was small but was never particularly interested in having me participate. There's nothing like a homemade apple pie with fresh apples, num!

Also looks like such a fun movie night you have going there! I'm just a big fan of anything that brings together good people and good food. My girls and I keep talking about regularly meeting up but it never seems to happen, our lives are just all over the place.

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