Sometimes I am grumpy and impatient.

Sometimes I eat ice cream every single night.

Sometimes the house is a total disaster.

Sometimes my babies have colds, luckily not very often.

Sometimes I am wayyyy sleep deprived.

Sometimes Darin doesn't get a day off.

And yet sometimes we run completely out of money.

Sometimes I hate my hair and get a very serious urge to shave my head.

Sometimes wildfires burn thousands of acres because it's so hot and dry.

Sometimes naptime doesn't work and everyone is cranky.


Sometimes I know I am a good mom.

Sometimes I feel pretty.

Sometimes I get everything done I need to do.

Sometimes we have a fun, adventurous day together and the babies get to go to a splash pad for their first time, and also ride a merry-go-round (merry go wheel).

And always, always, even in the hard moments, I am so grateful for this little family of mine.


Rachel Weaver said…
Talking from the heart. You are beautiful and wonderful and perfectly human.
Ryann said…
Seeing the pure joy on Lucy's face at the splash pad just about melt my heart. I love you & the momma you are; you truly are an inspiration! You are vibrant and REAL and honest and humble. Love you so.
dolly anna said…
love this, we are pure and perfect, a harmonious blend of light and shadow.

BTW-----i recognize those settings veerry well. ;)

holla next time!!!

i was thinking of you monday night, when starhawk was in sebestapol, giving a talk on social permaculture (nurturing communities) and i was >this close> to calling you up and both of us high-tailing to catch it.
but sometimes life gets busy.
sometimes we are very sleep deprived.
and sometimes it's impossible to leave your kids on a monday night. :)

Jenna E said…
Well put my friend! I feel yah!

And oh my are your babies ever growing fast. The cuteness factor is too much for me to handle
Cel said…
:) <3 Love the little mermaids on your girly's poofy pants. And I so hear ya on hating your hair and wanting to shave it all off haha...
Love this post. Life can be so imperfectly perfect.
Geny said…
Love your posts Heather, makes me feel close to you even though we don't get a chance to talk often. I feel all of these same's like we are all connected as mothers, wives, and women. I need to try your coconut sprinkled on my sometimes nightly ice cream, that sounds divine.
Milla said…
You are the best mom. I love seeing your little family and hearing about your days, warts, hardships and all <3

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