Laundry is probably my favorite household chore. That's not to say it doesn't completely overwhelm me sometimes, especially when we just get home from a trip, but if I can find a little time to put into the job, I actually kind of enjoy it. I pride myself on getting stains out, washing like colors together, making everything smell fresh and clean, but my favorite part is hanging the items up to dry. I love the way the sun bleaches everything just a little bit, and the way they feel sort of crinkly as I take them down. I like to carefully pin each item with clothespins, and I like to think about my family as I go. My imagination gets the better of me; I prepare for sudden imaginary disasters, what if this is all I can take as we evacuate for a fire: this nightgown, these dresses for the girls, these tattered underpants. Or I hang up the items to be cozy together: this little pajama top of Lucy's is sure to want the company of Polly's little corduroy overalls right next to them. These washcloths can be buddies. My nursing bra can say hello to Darin's boxers. I like the baby things to be close to adult things, for protection. An embarrassing confession: I found myself hanging the cutest things in front. No, it doesn't even matter if I'm not photographing my clothesline, which is 99% of the time I do laundry. So I made myself stop that in the interest of time, and simply hang as each item presents itself in the pile. But for some reason the task is most pleasing if the baby dresses are in the front row!

These photos were taken when the yard was still a little bit green, and when hanging laundry was still exciting because it was finally warm enough, so maybe April?

Now that I have two babies eating solid foods, I have A LOT more washcloths and bibs and cloth napkins on that line. I'm talking, the other day I literally counted 15 bibs in the load of laundry. My girls are very messy eaters. And for the record, I've never purchased a baby bib. They have all been passed along to me, and I remember when Lucy was very small (she never spit up or drooled much) I thought, why would anyone need all these bibs? Well around six, seven months...I found out.

Oh, also. Diapers are a whole 'nother matter altogether. I am very grateful I only have one baby in cloth diapers again!

What is your favorite household chore? My least favorite is probably cleaning the toilets. Or maybe emptying the dishwasher, I stall on that one, bigtime. I also never wash windows, but I've been thinking about starting.

Has there ever been a more mundane blog post? Ah, such is life.


Rachel Weaver said…
I prefer the toilet to laundry. I hate laundry. And vacuuming. I like scrubbing things.
Joanne said…
I love doing laundry too! I hate that I live in an apartment right now with nowhere to hang laundry outside :( My mother, laundry-arranger and space-saver extraordinaire, told me the air circulates better on a circular line when you put the smaller things on the outside.. so your technique is practical as well as aesthetically pleasing :) xoxo
Jessica said…
I smiled when I read this because doing the laundry is my favorite (and vacuuming)! I LOVE the smell of fresh clean laundry :) But good luck getting me to clean the bathtub...:)
dolly anna said…
hahaha. :) i love your clothesline. it's so colorful! my favorite part of laundry is the same: going outside, getting my clothes solarized and fresh, using the abundance of free energy to do something so efficiently. one of my favorite childhood books was called an oldie called "washday," where a family in the country does their washing every saturday and hangs it all out. find it, and read it to lucy. :) she'll love it too. xoxo
Your clothesline is a delightful bank of wonderful memories and lovely pieces of clothing! I've always wanted an efficient clothesline and this inspires me to put one up in our yard. Are you able to use yours throughout the year or mainly Spring and Summer? My least favorite household chore is washing the dishes because it takes SO MUCH time from GS and John. Although, there is really nothing like a clean kitchen!
Pickle said…
Laundry and vacuuming are my favorites, and making beds. Bathrooms and dishes are the ones I dread the most. Actually, when I got pregnant with my second, I hired someone to come clean my bathrooms every few weeks. I don't do much of anything to pamper myself so doing this is my pampering. The baby is here now, but I think I'll keep asking her to come clean, best decision ever!
And please share some of your tips on getting stains out! Specifically, sweaty pit stains, it's HOT here!
anne said…
laundry is not my favorite. actually, i don't mind doing the laundry and folding, it's the putting away that i dislike so much.

my favorite household chore is probably vacuuming because it makes a huge difference immediately.
Joanne, I love that tidbit! Thank you, I feel a little less crazy now :)
Meredith, no, I only hang things in the warmer months when drying doesn't take too long. I suppose it would be possible on sunny days in the winter (which we have plenty of!) but I haven't really tried it, maybe out of sheer resistance. I want seasons!
Amy McGovern said…
A more mundane post? This is real life isn't it!?
I am not keen on laundry, and am not the best folder, however I do like to put clothes away - strange!?
I am also not a fan of drying dishes and putting them away. Now give me a pair of rubber gloves and I will happily wash for hours... I also like to clean, not so much the bathroom but I do feel satisfied when its done!!
Happy housework x

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