Here are a few pictures from saturday's peach picking trip. We went back to the same place we took Mary and Missa, this time for the second variety of peaches our friends grow in their orchard. O'Henry peaches ripen a bit later in summer and have a deep sweet flavor like brown sugar. Brian and Sarah let visitors eat as many as they want for free while they walk around the orchards and property. Brian came out to show us the little pond and cabin he built some years ago. We thought it would be the perfect little artist's retreat: no electricity and a loft bed, a porch that looks out on a tiny aspen grove and frog pond with floating lotus blossoms. Last year they installed some kind of irrigation system that recycles water, and they've cut 50% of their water usage, while managing to keep the pond cool and fresh and full of abundant life. 
But most of all, back by the driveway, Lucy loved climbing around and sitting on the hay bales while we chatted with Brian and Sarah. Both artists, they are also a wealth of knowledge on all things homesteading, growing, and making. We especially enjoyed wandering around their property because we have daydreams of a similar life one day.


Geny said…
Looks like a wonderful farm/orchard! What a great way to live!
Tera said…
MMMMMMMMM Peaches! I miss the ones from my grandfather's trees. You can almost smell them through the photos!!!!!!
This looks amazing! Is it open to the public for picking/tours? By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Yours is one of my favorites! And, yes, San Juan Bautista is definitely worth a trip back this way :-) Best, Melissa
dolly anna said…
yum. those peaches, wow. so happy that you can get the last of the sweet summer harvest! if you have extras you can slice and good for pies and smoothies in the fav. isn't life sweet? i love hearing about people who are badass and install grey water! so fun you got to see that! that's the future baby. :)

Lena said…
You look so beautiful Heather! I love the rest and the peaches but I can't get past you in that yellow dress!

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