Friday, March 30, 2012

Heather's Pregnancy Compendium: Part 4

25 weeks!

more topics to tackle:

i have mentioned before that my hair has felt healthier than ever. it is thick, full, and growing. i am tempted to cut it a little but i've always admired the Farm midwives and want to have that long-haired nature-mama look. best hair plus: i hardly have to wash it. it never feels dirty or looks greasy. it just looks messy, but you all know i don't mind that!
another fun fact: i am growing tiny baby-hairs all along my hair line and best of all, they're coming in both brown and silver! you know you're an "older" mama when that happens J

this was a pregnancy symptom I had never heard about.
 in my life, i've never had a migraine or struggled much with headaches, so when i started getting a headache every day it came as a surprise during the first trimester. of course, you don't take advil when you're pregnant and even though it is supposedly okay to take tylenol, i never did. i wasn't even drinking tea or anything at the time. there are always other ways to deal with headaches like deep breathing and relaxation or some yoga poses. these can relieve the tension of the headache a little, and i do still get them from time to time, usually after work. and sometimes i just have to give in and sleep them off.

home birth / hospital:
an issue i have thought about and imagined and studied and grappled with for years. in 2003 i wrote a research paper for a college course on the history of work in america entitled "The Labor of Labor." i have long been fascinated with the industrialization of birth and the harmful effects that process has had on mothers and babies alike. starting about ten or twelve years ago i fell in love with Spiritual Midwifery and the idea of natural childbirth. for a while I wanted to study to be a midwife and I still think about becoming a doula. needless to say, i had always planned on giving birth at home, especially as a person who is totally uncomfortable in hospitals, has never gone to the doctor as an adult and is pretty much infuriated by the capital-driven practices of western medicine.

then i got pregnant. and i had no health insurance. and i qualified for medi-cal which takes care of everything obgyn-related for the full term of the pregnancy and childbirth and the first year of the baby's life. it also would have paid $1000 toward midwife care, i heard, but unfortunately we have a shortage of midwives in our area and the nearest birth center is down in sacramento. whereas good old-fashioned marshall medical center is basically across the street. all these factors added up with the fact that we got a great feeling from dr. nelson and his staff from the first instant i walked in there. smiles and warm greetings, familiar faces, kind and respectful treatment. and that he has delivered babies in our community for thirty years including many of my very own friends. 

then i heard a story from a couple that are good friends of ours. they had elected to have their baby at home and had two midwives present (who had driven 45 minutes to get here) a good trust relationship had never really developed and the midwives were very stand-offish, trying to empower the mother but rather leaving her feeling very empty and alone. after 20 hours of labor, feeling very little support and feeling scared, my friend and her husband went to marshall hospital. my doctor, dr. nelson, ended up delivering their baby. they had a wonderful experience and she felt far more supported, respected, loved and encouraged by the nurses and staff than she had felt with her midwives at home. they went from being completely anti-hospital-births to now realizing and admitting that sometimes our preconceived notions are wrong. they LOVED their birthing experience at marshall, and all my friends who have given birth there agree and have wonderful stories to share.

so that's my plan. i have a lot of other plans for my birth in order to try to stay away from the system of interferences that, in my mind, complicate and hinder the beauty of the natural process. i have a vision in my mind of my dream birth for this baby and i will hope to envision and embrace that fully to the end. we'll see how it goes. there is nothing i respect more than the process of childbirth and the many ways that women prefer to encounter that experience. for me, for this my first birth, i hope to bring together the best of all worlds and stay true to myself and my baby. 

immune system:
some people will tell you that you are more apt to get sick when you're pregnant, because supposedly your body is working so hard on growing and protecting that life inside that the mother's immune system is slightly compromised. i have found the exact opposite to be true. it seems my immune system has kicked into high gear and i have been (knock on wood) vibrantly healthy throughout many rounds of the flu, colds, etc in my household and community. for about a day i thought i had a cold, stayed home from work, and it virtually vanished! i am eating really well and taking prenatals, and i think that helps. plus maybe a good dose of solid personal determination for healthy, stamina, and energy so that i can do the best i can possibly do at growing this baby.

yep. it's an issue. it has come on pretty strong these last couple weeks. i do some light stretching to try to relieve it, but i wish i could stand on my head or something, it feels so weird like there is nothing i can do. but just tonight i figured something out: (to my dismay) chocolate makes it wayyy worse! oddly, i have been perfectly able to eat spicy foods, which i love, without it affecting me adversely.
they say if you get bad indigestion, your baby will have lots of hair. 
darin was born with tons of black hair that he never lost, whereas i was bald until age three. guess we'll just wait and see :)

check out this dorky mama, i think i am cooing at my cat in this pic. but i love the belly! look how huge it's getting!

in a week or two i'll finish up my compendium with topics such as: nesting, skin, and weight....woooo hooooo, exciting stuff :)

my mama's maternity dress from the 1970s, she made it herself
wrap: thrifted recently, $2
hat: thrifted a long time ago
wooly brown tights: thrifted
necklace: made by laura carter, trade
belt: gift from andrea

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our Love Story

someone once asked me to write how darin and i met. now, with a baby coming and all, i feel even more nostalgic and happy with our relationship than ever, so it seems like the perfect time to share our love story.

we are both from placerville and we have known each other since high school. darin was two grades behind me in school and he was a jock, mvp of the basketball team; all the girls liked him. he claims he just stayed home and watched movies all the time and that he was shy and stuff, but i remember him being "popular" and someone i never really thought i'd know. (i was a mormon band geek)

then, the year after we graduated, darin was working at the movie theater and my best friend kim had a crush on him. they started hanging out and went to his homecoming together.
i took this photo of kim and darin, circa fall 1994:
 we went over to his house to hang out and watch saturday night live. he and i talked a lot and laughed our asses off and became friends. even though nothing ever really progressed with him and kim, darin and i maintained a friendship and a couple years later i got him a job at the record store where i worked, Nancie's Tapes and CDs. (man those were the good old days! real record stores still existed!)
we had a blast working together and could talk for hours on end. we left each other little notes; he teased me for all the diet coke i drank and made me lists of movies i needed to watch, some of which are still my favorites today like Badlands and Bottle Rocket. recently i asked him how he always knew what movies i would love and die over. he said, obviously because we're soul mates :)

in the summer of 2000 we had both gotten out of long relationships and started hanging out a lot at my little yellow house. we literally stayed up all night talking. we analyzed all the lyrics to our favorite songs, and made connections with our favorite books. he was living with his mom in the house we live in now, working at 4:30 in the morning at starbucks. i was working at the college and he was in classes there too so we saw each other every day. we became best friends.

when i left on my trip and my house burned, he and my friend mary went with my mom to pick through the rubble and try to save what they could. he had sent me the best mixed tape ever (yes i still used a walkman back then) to listen to on my 24th birthday on the bus trip to new york, along with a letter to read. i remember opening it at 4 a.m. at a wendy's parking lot because i just couldn't wait. on the way home when my sister and i were in illinois for thanksgiving, i had a dream about kissing darin. and it was the most comforting, home-like feeling. when i got back we were inseparable, had christmas together with my family and took a road trip to ashland, oregon for new years with a few of the other friends. everyone but us thought we were a couple. 

it was late january; we were on a drive one night and he finally told me how he felt. i was quiet; i didn't quite know how to act. what a wimp! i think i just told him i understood and maybe i even confessed that i felt it too, but the truth was i was scared and probably a little stand-offish. it was so obvious this was it. it felt like an enormous wave and i knew it would change everything. it took one more week, and he brought it up again and i was more responsive, but practical... so what should we do? we had plans to move in together to a big house in midtown sac with addie and mandy. would things be weird? nahhh, i said, maybe we should just kiss. and that was that! january 31, 2001. we moved in together a few days later.

the rest is history!

summer 2001:

we left on a cross country road trip in spring of 2002. we lived in our van, isis, for three months. 
here we are in coeur d'alene, idaho.

and drenched after a louisiana downpour.

and home again in my parents' kitchen, summer 2002:

visiting addie in portland, 2003:

thanksgiving, 2004:

summer 2005 we took another big road trip through all the western states.
here we are in anacortes, washington for the what-the-heck-fest:
and our first visit to taos, new mexico. they were having the annual Fiestas de Taos:

at a friend's wedding, 2006:

and another huge road trip, 2007 we went cross country again for a couple months.
made it up to minneapolis and fell in love with louise erdrich's bookstore, birchbark books. we got to meet her business partner and one of her daughters as they were preparing for a special visit and reading with poet mary oliver.

atlantic coast, north carolina:
 and....june 30, 2007....we got married right here in our own backyard encircled by all our friends and family. it was a dream.

we had a lovely little road trip honeymoon down the california and coast and into mexico.

 after that he started making films, i went to grad school and got my MA, we had tons more adventures and worked on making a baby. and now we are finally going to have one! when i take the time to piece it all together like this, it feels like we have been so sweetly blessed by some cosmic grace. we belong together and i am full of gratitude to have him as my true love!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Some are born to sweet delight...."

my sweet things this week:

grapefruit! ultimate craving lately, so good i drool over it.

this is my new favorite drink. it is a very tart and yummy lemonade, comes in regular, mango, strawberry and raspberry...i love them all but they are definitely a treat drink.

speaking of treats....i couldn't resist these easter candies at the store. they were my squishy sweet favorites as a kid and i find them immensely satisfying. darin says, please don't show that on your blog.

this sweet little ferny belly. when she gets the chance she rolls in the sun with pure delight, falling over in one irresistible swoop and just rolling and rolling.

more random sweetness: my boys before a graveyard shift.

this is what i wore to my doctor appointment friday, feeling a bit jaunty and sporty.

big little belly!

stripes, plaid, stripes.
i thrifted this hoodie last week and it has become another new favorite.

march has been a sweet sweet month.
it is a pleasant springish time to be pregnant. 
i'm singing songs to myself all day long, making things and cleaning things, thrifting a lot, feeling this baby move inside me till i'm unable to wipe the smile off my face, just feeling happy happy happy.
march love to you all.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wilcox's Dictionary of Costume

i recently picked up Ruth Turner Wilcox's Dictionary of Costume at my work.
perusing it provides long lazy moments of entertainment and i thought you guys might enjoy a little peep inside.

the illustrations are totally captivating.
i want to create an entire wardrobe from these drawings.


 this little sailor outfit just might be my favorite right now. i am fickle though, my favorite might be a french striped 1920's bathing suit too.



many different periods:

 and good information for someone interested in the way our clothing is (and has been) made.

see anything you'd love to wear?