Wilcox's Dictionary of Costume

i recently picked up Ruth Turner Wilcox's Dictionary of Costume at my work.
perusing it provides long lazy moments of entertainment and i thought you guys might enjoy a little peep inside.

the illustrations are totally captivating.
i want to create an entire wardrobe from these drawings.


 this little sailor outfit just might be my favorite right now. i am fickle though, my favorite might be a french striped 1920's bathing suit too.



many different periods:

 and good information for someone interested in the way our clothing is (and has been) made.

see anything you'd love to wear?


Sailor Purrs said…
Sailor suit! I love those illustrations.
Milla said…
Pony skin fleece lined bootie please. Except pony skin freaks me out! These illustrations are amazing, thank you for sharing them.

So many posts to catch up...how do you gals do it ;)

love ya.
Kaylie said…
LOVE THIS!!! I feel like I need this book.
Violet Folklore said…
How fun! I once checked out every book on fashion history the Sacramento public library system had to offer. It was a glorious three weeks. I'd love to have something like this at home.
Missa said…
Totally fun! Also, what a great reference book to have. That's cool that it covers such a wide range of eras. Probably a wonderful tool for detailing etsy listings :)
Missa said…
p.s. I totally remember Leilani Bishop! Kate was my fave too ;)
oh my jeezus, beezus and ramona. i need a book like that!!!! i've been drawing a lot lately and i get a loss for weird outfits to put my people in. i'm keeping my eye out for a book like that. thanks for sharing!
mo marie said…
I love that ruffled breakfast cape! amazing... what a great book! thanks for posting this Heather. Fashion is so amazing, especially from the past. All the fine details that went into garments. I adore it all.
mmgood said…
i am obsessed with all things edwardian lately, so i just want to eat that book up. yum! thank you for sharing!
Debz said…
Your blog always makes me so happy, love this post and all your baby posts and clothes posts!

Your a beautiful soul <3

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