meet me in the garden of eden, bring a friend...

 for a little while, the sun came back!
perfect for ringing in the beginning of spring. i got to try out a very special new-to-me dress, which i received in a delightful surprise package from the adorable and thoughtful sanya of heart:speak
she also included a wonderful book, a leaf pendant you'll be seeing here, and the sweetest most heartfelt card in the wide world. i felt so incredibly blessed that this little tiny space in the huge ole interweb made yet another great connection possible.

our plum trees might not fruit anymore but they are full of blossoms this time of year. tiny white petals are floating down the breeze and landing on my cats' backs.

we had snow on sunday and now everything has sprung back to life. 
we made it through! 

everybody in the household loves a glorious day outside.

soon it will be time to fix up the gypsy hut again, and round up some friends for a garden party.

meanwhile i am enjoying this tiny friend within.

Happy Spring to you all!

dress: gift from Sanya
earrings: made and gifted by amber
crystal bullet necklace: made by sadie
shoes: thrifted last year


Celynne said…
Everything is so green! The grass is still dead and grey here, the trees' bare branches scratching at the sky's belly. You look SO much like Addie (curse me if I got her name wrong) in that first photo! And that dress is beautiful, it looks like it must feel so amazing to wear. Happy Spring to you too! :D
anne said…
adorable dress!!!

happy spring to you!
theequinebovine said…
that dress is the bomb dot com! had to say it :) I know I have said this before, but thankyou for posting pictures of the floral &fauna of the foothills. I miss it so much. ONe day we'll get back and I ll have to get down to party town in your gypsy hut! take care xo
Teeny said…
Hey darling girl, that dress looks so pretty on you. Sanya did well! Spring is blooming and so are you. x
sanya said…
The dress looks lovely on you! I am so, so glad! Although you wear everything beautifully :) happy spring! I am definitely enjoying the beautiful weather (it's been in the 80's in northern MI - woah!) I can tell you are too. Wonderful thoughts for you and baby :)
Missa said…
Love it when our plum makes it "snow" white blossoms out back. That's about as close to snow as we get around here. It's leafing out now and Zephyr loves climbing around in it.

Fun to see your kitties out enjoying the arrival of spring too, and YOU in that DRESS are the picture of springtime loveliness. What a sweet and thoughtful gift :)
Violet Folklore said…
OHMYGOD that dress! Please feel free to post as many photos of it as you wish. What a sweet gift.

Isn't it just going to be so exciting when it's reeeeeally spring!? But it's so great that all this recent rain is filling up our glorious summer swimming holes!
Andrea said…
i can't fathom snow one day and bare legs another :) as you might expect we don't get that sort of variation here in FL, ha ha! you look lovely Ms. Heather and glowy as ever. I love the imagery of plum blossoms on the black coat of a kitty cat, makes me smile :)
Milla said…
you look so beautiful and plump and spring-time-y, I love it! We've had some sun here too and the blooms are beginning to burst out, tentatively. Spring might be the sweetest of the seasons, the tenderest, the most promising. It makes me so aware somehow that I'm alive.
lasophia said…
This dress is gorgeous! Congrats! Im pregnant too, I think you are a little ahead of me, I'm almost 19 weeks. Well I'm very excited to find a fellow preggo! Following you now, I'm Sophia.

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