joey and emily are getting married on saturday!

you all know that my brother joey and his lady emily are two of my most special beloveds. 
they are our housemates, best friends, and sister and brother of our hearts, and we have shared a million stories that will outlast time and memory.
they are getting married on saturday in a country barn surrounded by all sorts of friends and family from far and near. we have been busy bees around here (mostly em) getting ready and now the time has finally come to enjoy the outcome of all that planning! weddings are the best, most joyous times, especially the d.i.y kind of wedding that is full of heartfelt truly unique and powerful expressions of love. 
i can't wait!

tonight us girls got together.....

and i'm already home :)
not quite the party animal anymore but hey, i had a blast eating a burrito and having a diet coke, talking and laughing and being inspired by these fun, beautiful and amazing women.

i snuck across the street to say hi to the boys who are doing this at zack's gallery:

there is so much excitement in the air; tomorrow will be insanely busy as we set up for the party of the year!!!!
wish us luck, and happy weekend to you all!


Teeny said…
Aw you kept that secret well sweetie! Congrats to Em and Joey! And you a new sister that you already love so much already. X
Anonymous said…
Congratulations to Emily and Joey!! I hope they have a beautiful wedding (and years to follow)!

Missa said…
Yay for Joey and Emily! What a wonderful year for the Beatty clan. I'm sure today will be absolute magic, enjoy!
Celynne said…
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