mama parties

 my very first mother's day! 31 weeks pregnant and LOVING IT.
i am surrounded by amazing and inspiring mamas and love. we are so lucky to both live close to our moms, especially as we enter the parenting phase of our lives.

it was darin's mom's 60th birthday on friday so we hit the town. 

debby's birthday always falls very close to or right on mother's day, so each year we have a chance to shower her with lots of extra love and gratitude. she has always been the most incredibly loving and generous mother for darin and all three of her sons, which is no surprise if you know them. 
a man like this has got to have a good mama.

then this morning we met up with my mom for the best country breakfast at the diamond springs hotel.
of course, she comes bearing gifts...the rascal!

you ever wondered where we get our excitability?!

i wore her 1970's dress which i fill out rather snugly now :)

came home later and got comfy for some relaxing, housecleaning and errands around town. 
as big as i'm getting, i still feel cute. i can't believe it!

 another inspiring mama i got to hang out with this week, my friend rebecca, who has the most unique and genius eccentric little son. we went to sylvan's open house to support him in his role as alexander graham bell in the second grade play. yes, this is the child who is obsessed with antique telephones, quite apropos.

the kids engaged in a bit of square dancing as well. sylvan took it all very seriously.

the dads.

sylvan shows mom his self-portrait.
in which he describes his afternoon activity of being a teacher and playing school and yard duty with his dog siri.

i am soooo excited to become a mother. 
this baby inside me grows and grows as the sun shines and shines,
at night she dances. i feel like she's singing. 
i can feel her rhythms and she is our baby and she lives inside me and everything in the world is full of light.


Teeny said…
ooooooh love love love! You look wonderfully pregnant and astoundingly cute. Oh my gosh, not long now!
you really are pretty damn cute! happy mother's day!
anne said…
very sweet post! i actually thought of you yesterday and how next year you will have your baby with you on this beautiful day :D and yes, you ARE very cute!
Heather said…
31 Weeks the time is just flying by....You look so beautiful and healthy ...what I am most enjoying is the lovely grass you have in your pictures!! down here on the southern end of the state my yard is all dirt lol!! I would love to run barefoot in that grass hehehe....Have a great week ahead ~& Happy Mothers Day ~Love Heather
whit said…
I can not believe how adorably cute you look! 9 more weeks!
Tera said…
Of course you feel cute because YOU ARE CUTE!

So not long now. It is amazing me to me how 27, 28 weeks seems so far from the due date but then 31 is like so close. How?! I also remember week 30 and on being the slowest ever and that was just fine by me.

I delivered three weeks ago, Wednesday. Things didn't go as planned. I labored 32-33 hours but met with concerns the last 6 hours and had to go way off my birth plan. BTW I LOVED laboring.

As soon as I heard her cry and kissed her tight, chubby, lil cheek, I was in love. It took a few days to resolve my trauma over going completely anti-my birth plan but the new phase of Mommyhood took over and it's like who cares now.
Amy Beatty said…
Heaven help me, I don't know how you could get any cuter!!?? What a beautiful post! I love being a mother and being embraced with the woman/sisterhood spirit of all those who have gone before me and after me and along with me. It is such a sweet gift to have. It burns in my soul the love I have for all grandmothers, aunties, sisters and daughters and nieces. I still cant recognize Debbie. She blows my mind. What a hottie. But I guess people could say the same for Nana. I know some who cant get over her new look but I guess I see her enough. How perfect that you were able to spend time with them both. But next year is going to be the sweetest deal YET!! wish wish wish i could get my hands on that loving belly!! that last trip went way too quick, darn it. I have such joy knowing that I can love on it in just over two weeks one last time before she is HERE!!! really here. It makes me tear up. I'm sooooo in LOVE and over the moon happy. Life is too sweet.
Milla said…
Dearest, you are radiant like the sun! I love seeing you like this and I'm so happy that I get to see you once more before the next, miraculous phase of your life begins. You will be the best little mama ever. It somehow makes me choke up a little tiny bit to see these pics and the pic of Darin too. I imagine your daughter looking at them tenderly years from now, wondering what her parents were like before her advent, so young. It makes me happy and nostalgic at the same time. Time is strange, life is beautiful.
lasophia said…
You feel cute cause you are cute, duh. Looks like a lot of festivities and fun times. I dont know about you, but Im trying to detox from all the eating out and celebrations this past weekend. There was no room in my tummy for all that food haha!

Celynne said…
"she is our baby and she lives inside me and everything in the world is full of light" Oh yes! And she will always always be inside you, no matter how old she gets. You are cute and gorgeous and adorable and radiant though, this mama thing is so you :)
Crystal Lee said…
you look adorable!
Nichole said…
it is such a treat and privilege to read your blog and feel like i'm sharing in this adventure with you. thank you thank you for writing and sharing.
Hey Darlin' girl, the greatest and happiest moments of my life were when I had my babies and the years I spent with all of you. I may not have traveled far or written a famous book, or become a great artist, however my art, my greatest contribution to this beautiful world, are my incredibly artistic, creative, talented and wonderfully unconventional children. You all have such open minds and objective viewpoints that embrace all the culture, ideas, and philosophies of this world as well as appreciation of nature and the beauty all around us. I am a lucky Marmee and our little Lucinda is a lucky precious baby. I can't wait to hold her in my arms. I love you honey, so much!

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